Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The World’s Greatest Serial Killers - #BookReview

The book’s title is enough to compel you to pick and start reading it.  Even more compelling was it’s price; KSh. 100 at the Text Book Centre.
If you plan on adding it to your shelf, be ready to be shocked, intrigued, scared, disgusted and blown away by these stories; from the likes of Jack the Ripper to Ted Bundy and The Moor Murders.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Going by its name, Hell’s Gate could be the scariest place to be at, though in reality, it’s the most beautiful, scenic and breath-taking wilderness to explore.
My journey on this wild side of Naivasha begun at the Elsa Gate (the alternate entry point is at the Olkaria Gate).

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

WHat MakEs BeiNg a WOmaN Soooo CoOl

No complaint comes close to that by a woman, for being a woman.  You all know those complaints, so no need to list them.

What's never heard of though are the numerous benefits of being female that many choose to ignore, stuff like:

Population Control / Parenthood:  Only you can choose when to become a parent, and when to make him one.  No matter what he says, wants or agree upon, you’ll always be the final decision maker.  The best bit about it all is, NEVER will there come a time when an ex will show up at your door with your kid(s) you didn't know existed.  Also, you hold the power to make the human species extinct.
Freedom of Affection:  Women are the only ones who have been bestowed upon the right to show affection without being judged - negatively.  They can hold hands in public, kiss each other, call each other girlfriend without raising brows, can be all cute with strangers’ kids or even hangout at parks and outside school gates without being labelled pedophile…

Monday, 23 October 2017

JUST GRADUATED: This's How Not to Tarmac

October, November, December - the months every fourth year University student looks forward to.  It’s a rare time when they finally get to wear those special Grim Reaper outfits and be honoured with the power to Read and Write.  Afterwards is an after-party and the much anticipation of taking over the corporate world.

Like our lecturers used to tell us, ‘we’re not training you to be reporters or cameramen/women.  We’re making editors, producers and directors out of you.’

Monday, 18 September 2017


On Aug 8th, masses of Nairobians came out to push out the Kidero mini-government and vote in the real man of the people, the man who fully understands their problems, the real hustler; Mike 'Sonko' - or so they thought.
With less than 30 days in office, the once beloved Nairobi senator; now governor, has played a Judas on the majority of people who voted him in by rendering them outcasts to the Big City.  Starting Wednesday 20th, all PSV (Public Service Vehicles) will be prohibited from accessing the CBD (Central Business District).  Entry to the CBD only belongs to guys with deep pockets, ones who drive personal cars.  A neo-kipande system it seems.

Anyone with a working mind will tell you that this is the stupidest decision ever made/proposed considering that an average PSV transports 50+ people whereas a personal car normally has one person.