Tuesday, 18 October 2016

John Grisham's THE CLIENT - A Book Review

One of the benefits of growing up in a family with older siblings is you get exposed to a new world long before your peers do.  So while my 11 and 12 year old friends were being entertained by storybooks, I was falling in love with the likes of The River and the SourceThe Concubine and The Client.  That was over a decade ago.  Now, imagine my excitement when I came across the very same John Grisham’s THE CLIENT - hardcover version, to add to my collection…but not before letting my now very adult mind re-read it.
Story line is simple, young Mark Sway (11 year-old) and little brother Ricky (9 year-old) sneak to the woods to have a smoke.  Little do they know a very prominent lawyer (Jerome Clifford) has chosen the same woods to end his life.  Mark feels obliged to ‘help’ save his life.  Instead, he ends up witnessing the traumatic suicide and becoming Romey’s last confidant (now he knows who killed a ‘missing’ Louisiana senator and where the body is buried - information that everyone, from the mob to the FBI and the media, is dying for).

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

#KCBLionsDen - Worth the Buzz or Not?

After a three month hiatus, I’M BACK!

This time, it’s all about my views, concerns, praise and critique for the just premiered KCB Lions Den TV show on NTV.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

#FOREVER TV SERIES---Quotes, Conversations & Review

I liked to think of him as Cain - Adam and Eve's son, who to date is speculated to be alive and wandering the earth. But, his name was Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd - who also played Andrew Martin on RINGER ), a medical examiner with the looks of a 35 year old man but the knowledge of a 200+ year old - which has in turn made him the least judgmental person you'll ever meet. What's made him so interesting than Cain is, he never dies (at least not for long), for everytime he 'dies', he resurfaces stark-naked at the nearest water body.
Now, out of pursuit for a cure to his curse/condition, he takes up work as a medical examiner cum becomes a student of death; the perfect place to study death. In his view, 99.9% of everything can be explained scientifically for there's no such a thing like fate, magic or curse, except for one - his own.

What did I love about it? It broadened my knowledge on so many things. Check out of some of FOREVER's most notable quotes and conversations:

Friday, 8 July 2016

City or Slum? 9 Things that Keeps Sinking Kenya's Capital Under

Too dirty, very crowded, intensely disorganized, extremely polluted, unbelievably insecure, undoubtedly uninhabitable.  I know, no one asked me - yet, but, I'll still go ahead and tell you, that these are the phrases that first come in mind when someone asks me to describe the so called East Africa's top economic hub cum the the green city under the sun - the city of Nairobi.
Image: AfricanSpiceSafaris.com
This is why: