Thursday, 11 July 2019

When You're Friends with a Work-From-Home Pal

‘You spend all day on the internet?  You must have watched a lot of movies.’

‘Can’t you just find regular work.’

‘Don’t you ever get bored spending all day in the house?’
‘I wish I was like you.  I’d sleep all day long.’

‘You should get out more often…’

These are but a few mention-able misconceptions held concerning those who work from home.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Adventure Letdowns @ Kisames Giraffe Camp

‘An ideal team building facility complete with a ropes program, zip lines and paint ball.’

…or so goes the tag-line for Kisames Giraffe Camp.

Located at only 15 km from Ngong Town, Kisames makes a perfect spot for outdoor fanatics, more so that it’s in proximity to the infamous Ngong Hills and of course, the highly reputed nyama choma zone at Ole Polos.

I had done a high ropes challenge at Diguna in Rongai, and Zip-lining at The Forest.  So when someone mentioned that Kisames has them all, and more challenging, I was ALL IN.
When you hear of a Giraffe Camp, first thing that comes to mind is, a haven of giraffes.  Interestingly, there is not a single giraffe at the camp.  Only countable ones that you’ll need binoculars to spot in far away bushes.

Thursday, 30 May 2019


This has been my first Toni Morrison's read.  

With no back cover summary or prologue, LOVE by Toni Morrison was for me one of the hardest novels to understand, or review.

Though the language is beautiful and descriptions in-depth, it'll take you more than just a few pages to understand what LOVE is about, or whom it relates, and what's their connection.

There being no overview, let me help out:  LOVE has 7 chapters:  Portrait - Friend - Stranger - Benefactor - Lover - Husband - Guardian.  It centers around Bill Cosey, a highly respected and wealthy African American hotelier who at 52, married an 11 year old who also happened to be his granddaughter's best friend/playmate; Heed the Night.  Now, to confront love/life, the women in his life have to first confront each other.
Excerpts #1:
Girls like the place a lot.  Over iced tea with a clove in it, they join their friends to repeat what he said, describe what he did, and guess what he meant by any of it.  Like

He didn’t call me for three days and when I called him he wanted to get together right then.  

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

10 Grave Insults Men (UN)Consciously Say to Harm Women

If he only had one wish, he’d like things to be like they were decades or even centuries ago; when men could get away with literally anything.

Not any more.

Today’s woman is powerful, goal oriented, knows what she wants, and how to get it.

But she’s not there yet; where she ought to be.  One reason behind it being that men still want to hold on to the belief that the kind of woman their grandpa’s speaks/spoke of can be unleashed, only if you oppress, depress and suppress this 21st Century woman like they did back then.

 They come up with words, phrases and statements to describe & demean women, phrases that they know will not just bring them down, but will create self-hate.  Things like:

1. She’s Too Nagging:

Thursday, 2 May 2019

S'thing Very Wrong about Kenyan Ads

They are short, fun, funky, addictive & lovable.  So lovable are they that the next time you see the product, you’ll be impulsed to own it.
That’s why your nieces, nephews and little cute friends are always asking for Ting Ting.  And can’t get enough of Ilara yoghurt.  

But have you ever given a keener listen to these ads' messages, moral value, or impact?
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