Wednesday, 15 May 2019

10 Grave Insults Men (UN)Consciously Say to Harm Women

If he only had one wish, he’d like things to be like they were decades or even centuries ago; when men could get away with literally anything.

Not any more.

Today’s woman is powerful, goal oriented, knows what she wants, and how to get it.

But she’s not there yet; where she ought to be.  One reason behind it being that men still want to hold on to the belief that the kind of woman their grandpa’s speaks/spoke of can be unleashed, only if you oppress, depress and suppress this 21st Century woman like they did back then.

 They come up with words, phrases and statements to describe & demean women, phrases that they know will not just bring them down, but will create self-hate.  Things like:

1. She’s Too Nagging:

Thursday, 2 May 2019

S'thing Very Wrong about Kenyan Ads

They are short, fun, funky, addictive & lovable.  So lovable are they that the next time you see the product, you’ll be impulsed to own it.
That’s why your nieces, nephews and little cute friends are always asking for Ting Ting.  And can’t get enough of Ilara yoghurt.  

But have you ever given a keener listen to these ads' messages, moral value, or impact?

Friday, 22 March 2019

The 'K' Word

I recently made someone mad, real mad.  Not that I’m sure, but why else would they block my contact?  And guess what?  It made me happy!  C’mon, before you start calling me names... well, I know, I fit perfectly the description of a sadist, but first, you got to know where I’m coming from.  

We’ve all been there.

You send these long sentences to someone, expressing your fury, feelings or trying to get a complicated message across.  You expect the same exchange/confrontation, or a phone call, or better still, request for a face to face meeting.

’K’.  They reply.

‘K’.  I replied.

Why would she do that?  You may be asking yourself.

Well, my twin was expecting.  A little cutie bouncy baby boy.  The family was expanding.  Hurray!  There has to be a Baby Shower, everyone knows that.  I start planning for one, get all close friends and family together and everything is going great until…

A bombardment of messages streams in my phone, one after another, ten in total, from a member of the group, my dear sister’s brother-in-law's baby mama, saying that as a FAMILY, they have decided to plan a separate shower hence won’t be attending this one.

’K’.  I reply.

Got me thinking.  

Why are we so inclined to steal other’s ideas with hopes that we’ll do a better job and reap more benefits than they would?

You share with your friends about an exciting business you’ve started and instead of them supporting you, encouraging you, investing in it; they go ahead and start the very same business.  So much in haste are they that they don’t care what it’s prospects are.  Wouldn’t it have been better to wait and see it’s performance, whether it’ll fail or succeed?  

Now, instead of one business failing and ruining the life of one, seven will and local economy will be ruined.

-Blowing Out Someone Else's Candle Doesn't Make yours Shine Brighter-

Friday, 23 November 2018

Hiking Up, Down & Around The Breezy Hills Of Ngong’

In every small neighbourhood, is a hidden gem, that locals take for granted, but tourists travel far to experience.

This is the case, or rather relationship, I always had with the famous Ngong Hills.
Their picturesque backdrop is inarguably the first thing that caught my eye six years ago, when I moved here.  And my vow,

I’ll have to hike those hills over the weekend.’

The weekend never came.  I kept postponing and postponing and that first weekend turned to month, then months, and later years.

Monday, 19 November 2018

La Casa de Papel AKA Money Heist - Review

Ohh…where do I start?

No words can introduce the genius mastery of La casa de Papel or if you don’t understand Spanish, Money Heist.
Picture this.

A brilliant Professor (ALVARO MORTE) comes up with a grand master plan to execute the greatest money heist in history.

He picks 8 specialist criminals who don’t have much to lose and whose skills will come handy in pulling off the heist.  But, this is no ordinary heist.  Their purpose is to enter the Royal Mint of Spain (not to steal what’s there), but print their own untraceable money (2.4 Euros in total) over a couple of days, with the help of their hostages.
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