Friday, 1 July 2011

Kenya's Most Beautiful Women

I once had a friend, very beautiful but; I bet she had no idea of how deep her beauty could be defined.  I recall one day someone commenting on her curves and she said,

"Today you look like Angelina Jolie."
Wish you could have seen the girl, all smiles.  And I was like, 'Isn't that an insult?'  How can one compare a curvy African woman to a white girl, and you say thank you?"

To avoid these insulting comparisons, I've come up with a list of Kenya's most beautiful ladies-whom you ought to feel flattered when compared to.  Because, here in Kenya, we don't care about Ms. Halle Berry's figure, Beyonce hips, J-Lo's booty, Kardashian style, Tyra's look or Naomi's walk; each one of us got it all-in-one.

First of all, one has to have a good height (though not a must have) similar to that of a Maasai girl.  Debra Sanaipei takes it:

Secondly, a good dental formula.  That can only be found in the mid-areas of Eastern provinces.  Esther Mwende is the girl:

*Photo Removed*

Thirdly, you got to look at beautiful eyes.  Beautiful eyes are best known to come from Kamba-land.  Lillian Muli Kanene-the reason why Citizen Weekend has so many fans.  Next is the hair.  
Lillian Muli
Next if hair:  Most of us may have the kinky type of hair, but if well cared for, you can definitely make it look and feel good.  Sarah Hassan, best known as Tanya has the best hair-and she knows it.
Sarah Hassan:
And lastly, a fine smile!  From the former Miss University Faith Kathungu.                                                      
Faith Kathungu
And of course; good skin-that only comes from the Rift Valley:  Former model Emma Too and former Miss Kenya Fiona Konchella have the best of it...
Fiona Konchella
Emma Too
Others include:   Grace Msalame and Khadija Adams (Miss Kenya 1984).  
Khadija Adams    
Grace Msalame
Kenya is home to the most beautiful women in Africa; for those mentioned and those omitted, there's no much difference.  If I were to include all the beauties; the list would be endless!


  1. Some diversity please. As in other tribes like Luos they are beautiful too ama? si I thought we were representing all kenyans. Add them to them to the list

    1. This is part one. Look out for part two of the same (coming out soon).
      PS-If you got any suggestions on who needs to be included, kindly let me know.

  2. where are the luhyas...we gave u miss world africa 2000, miss earth 2001 ,miss university world 2004 and miss commonwealth africa.

    1. Ohhhh...I had forgotten, that's why I ask for your contributions and suggestions to increase the credibility of these articles. Let me do more research and I'll re-post something new which has Luhya's in it.

  3. yes i know faith is from Embu but include Salome for me..

    1. Won't that be a bit unfair, having too many women from Embu represented?

  4. hey this article is not showing us the real beauties man uve left a bunch of beautiful women from central and nyanza man

    1. Whom do you think has been left out and should have been included?

  5. I need to be in that list, I am very beautiful. I got the X factor:)

  6. Replies
    1. @Evans, search for the 'Most Handsome Men in Kenya' here and you'll see it/them...


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