Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Women Rights Activists-A Bunch of Lazybones

You are most probably wondering how this found its way here.  Well, where women issues are concerned, all sectors are affected; women in entertainment, politics, community, arts, media...  As it has come to be believed, women indulge into Rn'B, tune into Easy FM, watch Soap Operas... But, that was in the past, today; the trend has changed and women want more...

I never thought that someday, I too would come to ask this question, ‘What do women want.’ 

They want everything!  Equal representation in leadership and governance, corporate world, everywhere...  Whenever I hear women talk of affirmative action, the girl child, Nairobi Women’s hospital, FIDA, women fund, women nominees, woman representative, being ‘the missing rib’, ‘behind every successful man there is a woman; I feel greatly embarrassed by the so called ‘sisters’ of mine!

Now that the Kenyan media rarely concentrates on real entertainment news, and instead makes entertainers out of politicians, I have to voice my voice.  2012 being an election year, I now publicly vow that I won’t vote for any woman vying for any political post in the name of being a woman.  And as for the woman representative, NEVER!  I went to a mixed boarding school and never in my life did the teachers talk of gender balance hence give special slots for girls.  Girls always did marvelous, because at the time, all of us were smart, hardworking and not constrained to a lazy woman’s thinking.

Because I believe in myself, I never go for the cheaper option. 
  • I can never apply for women loans-when I can definitely get any other loan; 
  • I can never vie for a political post as a woman rep. when I believe I can become the senator, governor and even the President of this country;
  • I don’t need to apply for a post that states, ‘women candidates are encouraged to apply’, because, I have never come across a post stating, ‘male candidates are encouraged to apply.’ 
  • If I got the talent, I won't dedicate my career into singing Rn'B and featuring in other artiste's tracks just because I can't do it all by myself.
  • Lastly, why depend entirely on's all very simple-'Chema chajiuza, kibaya chajitembeza.' 
It hurts me to listen to women 'diss' their ability...just because men make them believe so.  After all, no man has the right to dictate anything to a woman as long as he himself has never been a woman.

Moreover. for there to be a 50-50 male-female representation in all sectors, one ought to be equipped and deserving, and never be given special treatment.  Special treatment is only given to the meek and the less deserving; I compare it to rewarding an undeserving kid to make them not feel left out.  This is a call to women to stand up; as singers, writers, poets, heroines, music producers, leaders...the right way (not via short cuts) coz I'm so getting bored of these men. 

But it seems that in Kenya, a man would rather die in his feet than his knees; but as for a woman, she would rather die on her knees begging than make a living on her feet.

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