Thursday, 6 October 2011

African Designs

I adore African clothing; the colors, textiles, fabrics, designs, fashion and style.  How I wish that each of us would be in a place to adorn them.  I may not be in a good place to judge on who is a better designer when it comes to African fashion and all, but, I know well that there is a lot of talent down here than you can ever find in New York, Paris or Milan top fashion runways.  The cloths aren't very pocket friendly, but, I bet your body will find them irresistible!

I've sampled out a few African designs that I fell in love with...

I don't really know on who is the designer behind this amazing leso dress (if you know you can let me know), but, who could ever tell that a simple wrapper could make such an adorable outfit?

I remember vitenge's from back in the day-when we thought that they were only meant to make clothing for the older generation.  But, look at it now!  This is from Vitenge Neshelle...a design line that creates various unique African designs out of the kitenge fabric.
I came to know of Lucy Rao, the owner of Rialto Fashions back in 2000, when she designed the coveted Yolanda Masinde's dress.  Up to date, she is still giving a new look to fashion in Kenya, and I love it.  Other than dressing various beauty queens and budding East African stars, here's too what she can do for the men!
KikoRomeo, incredibly amazing!
And of course Sylvia Awori's
I came across these anonymous designs that I loved, sorry can't tell on who designed them, but will add an update on them as soon as I can.
If you don't have some African attire in your wardrobe, then its time.  However appealing and seductive a mitumba outfit may be, you don't want to be caught buying a second hand African design from a foreign designer when you could have done better with a newer and home-made one.  It's already happening with  world re-known designers like Louis Vuitton...who have adopted our Maasai shuka; let it not be with the khangas/lesos, kikois and vitenges.
For more fashion designs and designers, check out AFRICA DESIGNS 2


  1. i love your page! I want to start sewing with kintenge looking fabric. Nice posts

  2. Thank you @Waithera. I look forward to featuring your designs soon...all the best

  3. Me too I love this page, loads of colour and cultue.

    1. @Kisere, thank you. I guess I have to confess that I am also very much addicted to African fabrics and colors.


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