Thursday, 31 May 2012

Life in the 80's and 90's

A special dedication to my age mates, whose lives despite being Facebook and Twitter free, were able to survive the tough times through the Maziwa ya Nyayo, Blueband na mafuta ya Cowboy ya mkebe, Omo ya carton and of course BIG G!

I am still in search of Goody goody...

Kwa ladha spesheli kwa chakula, you had to use Cow Boy cooking fat.  Back then, we were more environment friendly.  The fat was packaged in a metal tin.

Similarly to Cow Boy cooking fat, Blueband too was packaged in a metal tin.  Can't remember the taste though.  And while I'm at it, can you recognise this kid?
Omo, well...this is another story worth re-telling.  Back then, Omo would be packaged in a carton, it was blue in colour and had no those micro-somethings to kill germs.
Next, the sweetest milk I've ever tasted, and of course the only thing the Moi government can be remembered for.  Rumour was that it was camels' milk-how true is that, only Moi knows.
Big G is no longer news after it was re-introduced back in the market a few years back.  But I guess that its taste has changed.  Still can't forget that it took us a very long while to stop calling all chewing gums in the market Big G.
My memories on the Tree Top juice aren't as fresh...all I can remember is the name and the bottle...
Kimbo has surely stood the test of times...who knows the secret?  Like many other products back in the day, this cooking fat too was packaged in a tin.  How all of these tins disappered still remains a mystery to me.  Oh, now that I remember, you can find them in the food markets...


  1. When everything was just da BOMB ;)

    1. @mwenda, can't agree more...I hate those days coz they almost make me cry

  2. That was really life then. With 5/- you any of the above EAI products. $1=3/- now $1=87

    1. $1=3/- ?

      Kenya's economy must have been the best in Africa then, though I wouldn't be surprised to find out that at the time, people were still complaining about the 'high cost' of living


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