Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Leso Fashion and Styles

What comes to your mind when you see a leso, or a khanga?
Image: Brendamulunga.blogspot.com

To some people, they see a decent garment for women to wrap on their waists as they carry out their daily chores.

 To others, they see it as an alternative of a towel to dry their bodies with after taking a shower.

But there are others who see it as a tool of communicating but, to you and I, we see them as one of the  most fashionable and stylish material to create clothes from.

Here is a  hundred and one ways to design and weak your lesos.
Image: Moo Cow
Image: Moo Cow
Image:  Malikaswag.blogspot.com
Image: Nanciemwai.com
Image: Shadders.net
Image: Brendamulunga.blogspot.com
Image: Kenya-tainment.blogspot.com
Image:  Moo Cow

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