Friday, 21 June 2013

Have You Always Wanted to Have Bigger, Fuller and Sexier Hips?

Have you always wanted to have bigger, fuller and sexier hips?  

Every woman does, and if you doubt me, you can take look at all female newscasters on TV.

I do a ka-small research on the net and it brings me some lame solutions; exercise, use River-road manufactured creams, undergo a surgery, or give birth.  But, I have a better solution:

Back in high-school, I recall that each and everyone of us had very big, sexy and attractive hips.  Many of us used to hide during Games time so we really can't say it was because of the exercises, we also barely had any idea that women use hips-stimulating creams and as for getting pregnant/giving birth, that was far beyond our thinking.

Now, everytime I meet with a former classmate, they pop out the Big Question, and I also do, because, almost everyone’s hips shrunk after graduating.

I started thinking, and questioning my current diet with the one we used to be fed on in high school.  
  • I tried lots of dry bread and thin hot cocoa drink, but; Nothing.
  • I tried the nauseating white and think porridge with a 2 inch thick top layer; Still Nothing.
  • So I switched to the usual boiled githeri with lots of weevils, but again, There Was Nothing.

But when I was almost giving up, I remembered that one special ingredient that I haven’t tried in almost 10 years; the kind that would be forcefully fed on us so as to curb our raging hormones especially when a boy school was dropping by.

So there you have it.

If you want to look curvier, hippy and sexier, you've got to start adding a few drops of paraffin in your food.  And no need to worry, paraffin, when drunk in small amounts isn’t bad for your health.

PS---I do not possess any medical expertise, so don’t quote me when your hips gets messed up---


  1. That girl is very sexy and it is the reason why her photo has done enough rounds on the internet. Photoshopped or not.


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