Wednesday, 5 March 2014

African Men's Fashion: Accessorising with Arican Print Ties, Bowties, Scarves & Hats

As of today, almost everything that is African, is the in-thing.  From our amazing skin tones, to our diverse cultures and our distinctive clothes. 

Although a number of us hold reservations regarding what to wear, especially when it comes to the African print, as it tends to have so many colors and all over the place prints, as a man, there's a way by which you can use them to your advantage.

Since many men---that I know of---prefer the plain and dull colored outfits, accessorising them with a little bit of African print can add a warmer and friendlier touch that is capable of converting any man into a gentleman.

Starting wiht the bowties...

To the ties…
The scarves…
And the hats…

As you can see, a simple African print accessory does the magic.  
How then about giving it a try today?

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  1. All of these are very pretty, printed Tie gives very unique look with plane coat.

  2. This most definitely On Point


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