Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Getting the Scoop on Classmates TV Show's JOAN -One on One with Cecilia Waga-

She is one of the prettiest, most arrogant and proud classmate.  Regardless, she still remains your favorite. 
Her name is Joan.  Well, that's what most of us know her as, based on her role as a college student on Classmates TV Show.  On our one on one, I got to ask her the questions you have always wanted to know, and got to unveil what this girl is all about.

Going by the name on her ID, she's Cecilia; Cecilia Waga; a lady in her early twenties, who's a proud Luo by tribe.

How did her face get on TV:  It's been a four year journey that was born sometime in 2010 when a friend talked her into joining a local TV production.  She had just finished high school the friend shared with her a pilot clip of the soon to be aired Pasua Show.  Her first role would involve doing a crazy dance in front of an en masse audience outside the Anniversary Towers.  She's a shy girl, and her having to dance 10 whole rounds at the scene, must have had a boost on her confidence for she has since starred in Pasua, Classmates, Mabeshte and a few other Kenyan local films, as well as making appearances on music videos.
About Classmates, how did she get in?  And why is she the only classmate without an accent?  Being an affiliate of Assignments Studio, it was easy to get the connections.  However, during the auditions, she was unable to unleash an accent, despite having schooled in Nyanza all her life.  Since the producers and directors liked her, they decided that she could play the role of a proud, flirty and gold digging city girl, which she does so well.  She's however fast to point out that Joan (her TV character) is very different from Cecilia.

Is acting something that she had always wanted to do?  She says that it never crossed her mind.  Although she did take part in drama festivals back at Sinaga Girls in Nyanza, she only made appearances as an extra cast.  Instead, her forte was in Science Congress.  She loves books!
Can one rely primarily on the money they get from acting?  There's money, but it all depends with the role one plays, and how many shows they sign up with.  Herself, she's aligned to Assignments Studios, which makes it easy for her to get different roles in different productions.  (It must be paying well for her).

Is this something she would like to do 10-20-30 years from now?  She'd love to, but she feels that there's no existing platform that will enable her enhance her career as an actress.  After completing her degree course in Finance from KCA University, which she's currently pursuing, she hopes to get a job within the banking industry, for some years, before going into business.  She's loves fashion, and desires to start a clothing or shoe line.
Image: Original cast of Classmates
With such a pretty face, and with so many appearances on TV, do people recognize her on the streets?  Of course they do, especially her fellow schoolmates and lecturers, that's why she never arrives in class on time for deep down, she's still that shy girl.  Though it's fun at times, at other times, it's just too much to handle.

She talks about of a time when she was queuing at the Tuskys supermarket on her way to a friend's birthday party, and on her trolley were a few bars of chocolate.  One guy's request to chat with her for a second became a nightmare when he ended up becoming so insanely obsessed that he started shouting her name, confessing his love for her, and giving her the longest hug she has ever had.  And as if that wasn't enough, he nagged her into sharing the chocolates with him.

Tidbits about Cecilia:
Cecilia is currently in a relationship, a serious one, with one of the Kenyan musicians

She neither drinks nor smokes

Loves all kinds of music, so long as it's slow.  She can't stand crunk.

Her favorite drinks are Coke and Stoney

Travelling is on her list of favorite things

She's a stunt Christian

She's from a family of 4 girls and 3 boys; all of whom are very supportive and proud of her

She adores Mkamzee Mwatela.  "Her acting is so natural and her confidence is so high.  I would love to do a show with her."  She confesses.

Don't Mess with Kansiime is her favourite TV Show.

On her free time, you'll find her at the Theatre, watching movies or Plays.


  1. we are proud of you Joan!!!

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  3. You look really cute.....would love to meet u in person

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