Friday, 25 July 2014

Glamour on TV - Inspiration from #SUITS' Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres)

Almost everyone I know has been, and still is, a huge SUITS fan.

You well know that there are different categories of fans; there are the diehards, the weirdoes, the worshippers, the clueless…
Personally, I don't affiliate myself to any of those categories, for I am a really complex kind of fan.

I don't just watch to get entertained, I watch to get every nitty gritty detail; the conversations, the quotes, the background music (which latedownload), the  interior designs, the extras (like I noted that there's this one guy who's always pacing up and down the office but has never said a word), the body language, the brands they wear, the drinks, how they market products without rubbing it on your face, and of course, the clothes.
Any woman who has watched Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) on SUITS will agree with me on this.  Her sense of style is AWESOME.  So awesome is it that I had to dedicate this post to her clothes.
I'm always looking forward to seeing what she wears come the next episode
A habit I can seem to let go
And as for these coats - they are every woman's envy

Images from Screenshots & Pinterest

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