Thursday, 26 January 2017

5 Unspoken Gentlemanly Acts that Proves He's a Great Guy

In this Century, the toughest decision every grown up man has to make is find the right woman to pop the ‘Will you marry me’ question to.  And, to a woman, it’s finding one she can without hesitation say ‘Yes’ to.
When you’re a man, you’ll constantly be torn in between the same old cliche thinking that she could be after your wealth.  No different for women - the thought that he could be after whatever in your panties is undismissable.

But, starting today, if you’re a woman, there are ways through which you can tell, in advance, if he’s a good guy or not:

1. GOES TO CHURCH:  Next time you go to church, dart you eyes over the congregants and do a rough estimate of the number of men inside / compared to women.  Then, check out any Cupid’s column and see how many women are looking for a ‘God-fearing man.’  

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a man after God’s heart is an instant woman-magnet.  So if he goes to church, and is a God’s follower, you will be assured that he’ll be doing, or at least trying to do everything God asks of him - Love, Provide, Be Faithful…

2. BUYS CONDOMS: Ever noticed the weird looks shoppers give to the guy who walks up to the condoms counter, chooses two or three and starts doing a comparison?  Yes, it may be 2017, but folks still throw judgmental looks on guys who care enough about their and their sexual partner(s) health.

Though many may choose to see such a guy as a sexually permissive individual, what you should see is a responsible guy who’s never going to be responsible for uncountable pregnancy scares, STIs or need for abortions.

3. BUYING TAMPONS: Since Home Science was scrapped out of the Kenyan school curriculum, we have a lot of ‘illiterate’ men who assume ALL women have their menses at the end of every month.

So coming across a guy buying tampons/sanitary towers - whether for his mum, auntie, wife or daughter is an indication that he understands the woman anatomy and probably all the stresses that come with it.  He’s the kind of guy who would also make you soup while ‘healing’, change water in your hot-water bottle, bring you breakfast in bed…and never use terms/phrases like overreacting, too sensitive or drama queen on you.

4. SHOPS AT THE FARMER’S MARKET:  Forget the kibanda where you buy your night’s kitunguu, sukuma and nyanya.  We’re talking about the kind of guy who will go kwa soko and buy a week’s worth of groceries - cabbages, carrots, tomatoes, onions, pilipili, dhania, peas, pumpkin, bananas, potatoes…

That’s the kind of guy who loves food and can cook - not the kind that believes that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach yet they never make an effort of ensuring that the kitchen is stocked.

5. CARRIES HER HANDBAG / HOLDS HER HAND: I know, the first thing that comes in some of our minds when we see a man carrying a handbag is that he just snatched it from a lady.  But when you see a lady next to him, you think, Amekaliwa!  But, deep down, every girl desires that that was her man - a man who doesn’t give a hoot about societal misconceptions but his lady’s needs/wants.

Same with holding hands…

And well, if he can be so gentlemanly in public, imagine how great he is in private!

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