Friday, 31 March 2017

Why an ALL-WHITE Wedding is More of a Mistake than an Elite Affair

It’s one of those trends that’s picking up pretty fast yet, one that ought to be smashed before it screws up the uniqueness and exquisiteness associated with and given to weddings and the bride: AN ALL WHITE THEMED WEDDING.
Though we can all agree that an all white themed wedding presents a modern feel, looks luxurious and presents an elite kind of feel, it has loads and loads of downsides.
On top of the list is obviously the probable outshining of the bride.  On the pages of the magazines, Instagram, Facebook…those photos look heavenly.  But, you’ve to admit that it takes more than three seconds to locate the bride.  As for the bride, she must feel really devastated going through her wedding photo album and realizing that her special day was more of a mass wedding.
White is a lovely color.  However, when everything is all white, it transforms itself from being bright and lively to dull and boring.
Asking women to wear an all white outfit shouldn’t be a problem - most of them already have at least one of those - a pretty little white dress .  However, for men, asking them to wear an all-white outfit would be asking a little too much, considering that male white pants and blazers aren’t the kind of clothes they can wear daily; may it be to work, church, bar or party.  
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  1. Yeah I agree that all white weddings are more than mistake. I won’t go with white theme as I am busy these days in finalizing theme for my big day. We have booked nice event space NYC from online with help of my friend as she is an event planner. Hope to plan my day in nice way.


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