Wednesday, 3 May 2017

#FLEABAG - A Disturbingly Funny Comedy you Got to be Watching

"You know that feeling when a guy you like sends you a text at two o’clock on a Tuesday night asking if he can come and find you, and you’ve accidentally made it out like you’ve just got in yourself, so you have to get out of bed, drink half a bottle of wine, get in the shower, shave everything, dig out some Agent Provocateur business - suspender belt, the whole bit - and wait by the door until the buzzer goes?  
And then you open the door to him like you’ve forgotten he’s coming over.  And then you get to it immediately.  After some pretty standard bouncing, you realize…he’s edging towards your a******e.  But you’re drunk and he made the effort to come all the way here, so you let him.  He’s thrilled!  And then the next morning, you wake, to find him, fully dressed, sat on the side of the bed, gazing at you.  He says that ‘last night was incredible’.  …which you think is an overstatement but then he goes on to say that ‘it was particularly special because I’ve never managed to actually up the bum with anyone before.  And although it’s always been a fantasy of mine, I’ve never found anyone I could do it with.’ (To be fair, he does have a large p***s).  And then, he touches your hair, and thanks you with a genuine earnest.  It’s sort of moving.  Then he kisses you gently, and then he leaves.  And you spend the rest of the day wondering, ‘Do I Have a Massive A******e?"

I bet by now you have already fallen in love with FLEABAG (by Phoebe Waller-Bridge) and can’t wait to find out more - only six episodes: six amazing, funny, weird and super exciting episodes.

You may have taken more, or lesser minutes to read that, but, visually, all it takes is less than 3 minutes for you to get engrossed by it.


1. She breaks the fourth wall: If you love it when actors talk directly to you, like Frank Underwood does in House of Cards, I’m sure you’ll love Fleabag’s way as well, if not more.

2. She’ weird enough:  Yes, she is that rare kind of woman who masturbates to Obama (speeches).  Though it’s a work of fiction, I would love to know how the Obamas felt about it.
3. She’s knows herself best:  ‘I’m a greedy, perverted, selfish, apathetic, cynical, depraved, morally bankrupt woman who can’t even call herself a feminist.

4. She’s a nymphomaniac - though she’s fast to deny it:  'Got to think about all the people I can have sex with now.  I’m not obsessed with sex.  I just can’t stop thinking about it.  The performance of it.  The awkwardness of it.  The drama of it.  The moment you realize someone wants your body.  Not so much the feeling of it.'

5. She’s un-apologetically blunt:  About her boyfriend:  'I wish he’d just f**k me.  All he wants to do is make love.  He’s wasting me!'

About her step-mom: 'To be fair, she is not an evil stepmother, she’s just a c**t.'

6. She’s very opportunistic: - Since boyfriend Harry's way of dealing with a break up is cleaning, she times a break-up whenever she wants the apartment cleaned.

7. Has an awesome view on love: 'There is always a stage when someone is falling in love with you till they lose their erection.  They get confused, they panic, stakes get too high, the blood rushes from their dick to their heart, and everything is f****d.'

8. Has a weird sense of humor:  'Dad books us boob appointments once a year to make sure our tits don’t turn on us like mum’s did.  It’s a bit of a hustle but at the end of the day it’s nicely touched.'

9. Knows how to ’fish’: When single/lonely, she throws nets out by sending nudes to men on her phone book.

10. She's her father's worst nightmare: 'Visiting dad is hell for Claire.  I see it more of a sport.'

In reality though, Fleabag is an almost bankrupt woman assumably(sic) in her early thirties  struggling to cope with the recent death of her best friend Boo (who accidentally killed herself - it wasn’t her intention or total accident either) and 3 years earlier, her mom who died of breast cancer.

According to her, Boo didn’t actually think she’d die.  'She just found out that her boyfriend f****d somebody else and wanted to punish him by ending up in hospital and not letting him visit her for a bit.  She decided to walk into a busy cycle lane, wanting to get tangled in a bike, break a finger maybe.  As it turns out bicycles are fast and flip you into the road.  Three people died.  Boo’s death hit the papers.  ‘Local cafe girl gets hits by bike, and a car, and another bike.’

As we continue waiting for Season 2 that's set to come out in 2018, how about you start watching or re-watching what’s seemingly is the funniest British comedy of all time?

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