Monday, 10 July 2017

One on One with the FACE behind KEITAN SAFARIS

With tens of thousands graduating from Kenyan Universities annually, the last thing these graduates expect is getting an 8-5 job that pays KSh. 10,000 per month.
That’s the reality that hit 23 year old Kevin Owino, a Tourism Management graduate from Maasai Mara University.  Popularly known as Keitan, he is the perfect motivation to look up to when exiting  white collar slavery and embracing a no-collar entrepreneurship mentality.


Keitan Safaris is a local firm run by Kevin aka Keitan that prioritizes in promoting domestic tourism among Kenyan citizens.  The firm, which was founded in late 2016, targets groups of youth (mainly) with a spirit of adventure and insatiable adrenaline rush.

Despite being one of the youngest babies in the tourism industry, Keitan Safaris has beat some of the greatest icons in the industry and has so far attracted almost 7K followers on Facebook with a 4.7 Star Rating from almost a 100 reviewers.

His passion for travel started in Campus, where he helped launch a tour & travel club, Club Tammu.  Upon graduation, he interned at the National Museums of Kenya as a guide.  His insane know-how of the country; her culture, heritage, attractions, sceneries, et cetera always left his visitors wowed.

In no time, people were asking him to be their guide as they toured some of Kenya’s top treasure sights.  Out of it, he’d get to travel for free and get a pretty handsome tip.  On one of these occasion,s a client proposed that he start his own agency.

At the time, all he wanted was the highly worshiped white collar job in any of the top tourism firms and not a hassle-kind of a start-up.  His dream came true.  He earned himself a prestigious position at one of Kenya’s leading tour agencies where he was earning 10K per month!

10K wasn’t even enough to cater for his transport, and so three months on, he quit.

With only KSh. 25,000 in his account, he started Keitan Safaris and organized his first trip - to Hell’s Gate National Park.  He made a 5K loss.

Next came Zaina Falls, he neither made a profit or loss.

While on the verge of giving up, he decided to give it one more shot - at the Crater Lake.  Third time turned a charm as he ended up making a profit of KSh. 2,500.

As per now, he’s more than proud of himself.  A single day trip earns him a more than handsome couple of thousands as profit.  And though the overnight trips (camping) are yet to start giving him good profits, he remains optimistic.

When you hear of adventure, you’d expect men to be the forerunners.

But here is where Keitan’s University Project (Factors that Motivate Nairobi Residents to Travel) came in handy.  Through his research, he had learnt that it’s the women who make travel decisions - like when and whose side of the family they will visit in shags, where to vacation, for how long, how much money to be spent, et cetera.

Coz of that, his major target are women, followed by youth.  And well, so far, things have worked out pretty well for both him and his company.

For someone who has traveled widely, pin pointing one perfect destination isn’t easy.  For Kevin though, his is at Lake Oloiden in Naivasha.  WHY?  Other than the obvious reason of it being close to the city of Nairobi, it acts as the lighthouse of Naivasha (it’s proximity to major lakes, national parks and reserves, camp sites and wild animals).

The destination is as well not just ideal for adventurers and lovers of nature but also families, couples and honeymooners.

With so many similar tour companies and agencies mushrooming everyday, and with so many other well-established Bigwigs in the industry, being extra-ordinary is what enables Keitan Safaris to thrive.

By traveling with them, you’re assured of the fairest rates with special discounts for couples and groups, hot lunches (there’s always nyama choma) for everyone and, plenty of other incentives like cake for everyone/anyone celebrating their ‘old age’.

Currently, Keitan of Keitan Safaris dreams of making it as big, or even bigger, as Bonfire Adventures (2017 SOMA Tourism Company of the Year) whom he looks up to.

For those who are still caught up in their dreams, he has one piece of advice for them; ‘DON’T WAIT TO START.’

Coming soon is an event dubbed Twende Ushagu that will expose domestic tourists to the marvels of Camp Ndunda - the hidden beauty of Embu County.

Camp Ndunda is not just the perfect place to go camping but also zip-ling over River Rupingazi, crossing the scary suspended bridge, experiencing the waterfalls, go hiking, swimming and, interacting with the Kenya’s most friendly tribe.


  1. Congrats that's the spirit Tonniaj

  2. Whenever i think of adventure, i always think of keitan safaris.very affordable rates and he treats clients as a priority.I would definitely refer him to others,i have never been disappointed

  3. Keitan safaris is an eye opener for Kenya's wonderful heritage and culture. The fact that the tours are affordable makes it easer for all people who loves to explore adventure.It's my preferred choice.

  4. The spirit to serve and share experience not only does it come from education but by good will of heart and passion. Keep on moving with innovations and creativity and will always best wishes chris mbogo


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