Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Going by its name, Hell’s Gate could be the scariest place to be at, though in reality, it’s the most beautiful, scenic and breath-taking wilderness to explore.
My journey on this wild side of Naivasha begun at the Elsa Gate (the alternate entry point is at the Olkaria Gate).

At this point, you can opt to cycle through the park as you take in cool fresh air and watch the wildlife (mostly zebras) or hike.  My team, which mainly comprised of lazies (sic), and those who were busy studying instead of learning how to ride a bicycle, rode atop the tour van.

First stop was at the Fisher’s Tower, which was basically the reason I was here.  ROCK CLIMBING!!!
I’ve to say, it was an instant turn off.  I was expecting a bigger, higher and more challenging rock course.  Talk about judging a book by its cover!

Having put on the climbing gear (helmet, climbing shoes and harness), I was ready to challenge this 25 metre high rock formation.  What the guide termed a 5 minute climb took half an hour.  BUT, I did it!!!  And did I say that I was the only female who did it?  The other lady who was as courageous as I freaked out when her well manicured nails started breaking.

Next came a hike through the gorges, caves, waterfalls and rivers.
When I do a re-visit, or you do, bring some lunch to picnic at the Maibeni Picnic Site.  Words can't fully describe the beauty within and around this cavey heaven in hell.
You’ll also notice that the best sites, like the Devil’s Bedroom, are at the most inaccessible places - you’ll literally need a hand to get to them.
And the perfect way to become one with The Hell is to go barefoot - feels like walking on the beach, especially if there happens to be streams of water running beneath your feet.

In case you’re worried about flash floods which are very likely at the Hells Gate, there are a couple of emergency exits so, fear not, we ca never lose you.
Perfect way to end the day is at the Ol Karia geothermal spa.  …only if you can stand the rotten eggs smell and the unfriendly staff.

If not, opt for a late lunch by the lake's shores where you can also take  boat ride and marvel at this  spectacular sunset.

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