Wednesday, 28 February 2018

9 Must-Carry Snacks for your Next Day Adventure

For so long, you’ve been dying to take a peep into and possibly become addicted to the wilder side of life.

Go hiking, mountain climbing, camping, boat riding, zip lining, rock climbing, spelunking…

And now, all is set but the nourishers (sic) of thy stomach.

What should you pack?

Going by my modus operandi, I ALWAYS pick a tour agent/operator whose package includes a late hot lunch ideally with some fried mbuzi on the menu.  That way, I don’t have to stress about rumbling and acid-burning stomach.

That though comes much later in the day and in the meantime, you ought to feed yourself.  In essence, this is what my snack pack includes:
Water is life.  You need lots and lots of it, especially while outdoors.  Even though most travel companies give you bottled water, that’s never enough.  Always carry your own, preferably in a water bottle - to cut down on use of plastics.

Sprite, or any other soda should also be on your list.  Sprite is definitely the ideal one for me for it’s somewhat tasteless thus perfect for quenching your thirst, especially when temperatures are high and your water starts tasting yucky.

Also, you have to boost your energy levels.  After sampling a few energy drinks in the market, like Simba, Shark and Red Bull, Monster clicked best with my palates.  I like drinking my Sprite before getting to the energy drink so I can empty it into the soda bottle (walking with an inclossable (sic) can is too much work).
Sandwich is all me.  Most of these safaris start early in the morning and you’ll constantly find yourself in too much of a hurry to sit and enjoy breakfast.  That’s why I go with a sandwich - a well stuffed sandwich.  After all, lunch is usually served from 4:00pm.
Matoke crisps are another favourite.  Reason I love them so much is they are quite filling and sugar-free/tasteless for I happen to be allergic to sugary products.  If these aren’t of your liking, there are lots of other varieties available in the market.

When hunger starts kicking in, I go for a lunch bar.  It contains a wafer, peanuts, chocolate and crisped rice - enough to soothe a complaining stomach.

Also, you’ve to have some fruit(s).  All the sweet and acidic stuff I do at night before going to bed coz my body reacts too harshly hence leaving me with only one option; an apple.  It has never let me down!  A banana would also be great.  Only problem is, if exposed to too much heat, it gets all messed up!
Ooh, and I always bring salt and tomato sauce with me.  If you can’t have food without some sauce in it, or love your food saltier,  you should borrow this for it usually takes forever before a waiter/ess brings them to your table.

 What's on your list?

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