Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Unleashing Your Action Fury at Rolf's Place PaintBall Arena

Being such a huge fan of action films, shooting guns (for fun) has always been a dream.
I looked up shooting ranges in Kenya but none came up. 
Closest to that was paint-balling.

Paintball is an insane thrill that's best played far away from human activity - so e had to travel all the way to Rolf's place in Ongata Rongai/Kitengela. 
From the outlook, nothing seems exciting.

Scattered desert trees, an old makuti bar-like structure that must have been a Big hit a while back but is slowly rotting to the ground stands at the middle of the field, dry brown grass almost exposing the desert soil of Kajiado, a roughly fenced area (paintball arena) with stacked used car tyres, old tanks and timber structures that are similarly on the verge of collapse and not mentioning the safety gear - the overalls are so old, faded, stained and torn.

Real excitement kicked in when we got all dressed up and had each of our paintball markers/guns loaded with 100 yellow paintballs.  

It was time to BATTLE!

We were divided into four teams, with the first two going head to head at the battle field with one mission to achieve.  Eliminate the other team.  This is by firstly  capturing their flag, bringing it back to your side and, getting them to surrender.
---That turned out a bit hard though since like I earlier mentioned, the overalls were all over the place; colour-wise---

 The 100 balls/bullets are set to last you 30 minutes but being on the field scares every bit of the confidence out of you that you find yourself shooting all over hence running out in less that 5 minutes.
On the positive, being in the arena somehow gives you a glimpse of what it is like in the military thus get to respect what they do.

Obviously, my team won, thanks to me.  And, with there being no enemy to eliminate, we turned against each other.  That turned out to be the BEST part!
Paintball is so electrifying that you may feel the need to do it over and over again.

To go for another round, one has to pay an extra KSh. 500 for 100 more paintballs.

But hey, be ready to feel real pain on your body and get some nasty bruises.

I’d recommend this activity for team building as shooting at someone who pisses you off, like your boss, will leave you feeling AMAZING.

In regards to where to aim, shoot right in-front of them (their hiding area) so  that the ball splashes right across their goggles area and their eyesight becomes completely blurred. 
One’s butt is also a great hit target.  The pain there is REAL.
When done with paintball, I’d recommend crossing the Kitengala Hot Glass scary bridge (which is made of ropes and glass such that you get to walk on transparent ground as the wind roughly swings you from right to left while scarily hoping not to fall below into the river  or be hit by the rocks..

The enchanting suspension bridge that connects Rolf’s Place (a mansion that sits on the edge of a cliff) with the other cliff is also perfect.

...more steady hence less scary so, if you love being captured in a breathtaking sceneries, this would be it.

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