Thursday, 17 May 2018

Sci-Fi THE CROSSING - Review

Since it started airing on April 2nd, I haven’t missed an episode.

Maybe it’s because it got some science fiction in it, or that it has a strong story line, or that Reece is insanely lovable.

Visualize this:
A guy phones the police to report a body by the beach.  By the time cops get there, there are a few more bodies.  In no time, hundreds of bodies are floating all over the ocean, with a few survivors amidst them struggling to swim to the shore.

They are all refugees, running from a war.

But, no planes or ships have been reported missing nor has there been any distress signals.

Out of the 500 asylum seekers, only 47 survive.  The very interesting part is, they are time-travellers, 180 years into the future.

What Happened:

There was a revolution in genetic engineering that led to the eradication of major disease markers but also,emergence of APEX; a minority population with heightened cognitive functions, sensory faculties, fast twitch muscle development…
 APEX are in other words man’s next evolution cum our genetic destiny.  Their existence made normal humans an endangered species as they orchestrated an holocaust to finish them all.

Out of desperation to save the human race, those who could took advantage of an unfinished process designed to bend time.  All they knew is they’d go back into the 21st Century.

Being the ‘assumed’ first group to attempt the time travel experiment and not knowing where they’d end up, they arrive beneath the surface / in water.  Most drowned before realizing where they were.
What only a few know is, there was an earlier migration; a smaller group of refuges with an agenda i.e. change the course of history.

Plus, an APEX, and a young child with Mantle’s disease that could eliminate the entire human population, crossed over too.

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