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Friday, 1 July 2011

Kenya's Most Beautiful Women

I once had a friend, very beautiful but; I bet she had no idea of how deep her beauty could be defined.  I recall one day someone commenting on her curves and she said,

"Today you look like Angelina Jolie."
Wish you could have seen the girl, all smiles.  And I was like, 'Isn't that an insult?'  How can one compare a curvy African woman to a white girl, and you say thank you?"

To avoid these insulting comparisons, I've come up with a list of Kenya's most beautiful ladies-whom you ought to feel flattered when compared to.  Because, here in Kenya, we don't care about Ms. Halle Berry's figure, Beyonce hips, J-Lo's booty, Kardashian style, Tyra's look or Naomi's walk; each one of us got it all-in-one.

First of all, one has to have a good height (though not a must have) similar to that of a Maasai girl.  Debra Sanaipei takes it:

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