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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

BEST OF THE BEST: African Print (Kitenge) Evening Gowns

You've just been invited as a special guest or someone's +1  in this elite event.

You have no idea what to wear so you google for what our celebrities put on on such events, you know the likes of Groove Awards, Kalasha Awards, Soma Awards...

Though you are new at this, you can tell that what these 'celebrities of ours' wear is mediocre, laughable actually.  

You internationalize your search and well, whatever those actresses and musicians wear is either locally unacceptable or too damn expensive.  So what do you do?



But hey, before you do, check out these African Print inspired evening gowns that are achievable, chic and adoptable PLUS, they will make you the absolute belle of the ball!

Friday, 11 October 2013

The Funniest Kenyan Alive

As a third world nation, we tend to be overly aggressive in adopting and implementing new ideas and concepts, many of which go under once they are overshadowed by newer and more promising ones.
Take for instance the many national and regional awards that have been born with the motive of honouring the heroes and heroines in the entertainment industry.  There has been the Kisima Awards, The Chat (Chaguo la Teeniz) Awards, SOMA (Social Media) Awards, BAKE Awards, KORA Awards and the Groove Awards among many others that pop up and disappear before they reach my earshot.  And now, there's the Cheka Awards.
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