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Monday, 17 July 2017

Why There’s NO GLITZ & GLAMOUR on Kenyan Screens

"I’ve never been a fan of Kenyan TV Shows.

There’s nothing worth watching anyway.

Naming them is easy - Tausi, Inspekta Mwala, Mali, Mother-in-law, Mashtaka, Changes, Tahidi High, Auntie Boss, How to Find a Husband is listing their numerous flaws; flaws that hinder us from loving, celebrating and being loyal towards them:

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


True life story…'As a kid, just like every other kid, I was a big addict of sugar and all of the sugary stuff.  I'm sure that if there was a sugar-addict clinic in the neighbourhood, my parents would have already booked me in.  Years later, my body can't stand any type of sugar…whether in tea, cakes, sweets and even in some fruits.'

This is exactly what happened to those favorite shows of mine that I could have killed someone, or anyone, in order to watch.

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