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Friday, 19 May 2017


Ever conversed with a grown-ass woman and was left wondering; How thick can she be? Is this how all women are like? Isn’t she a definite shame to all women?

I have to confess, some of the things that come out of our mouths are painful to listen to.  But hey, before you start flaunting your egotistical self, how about we start from the beginning -  when you unconsciously turned a superbly intelligent girl into a worthless, naive and senseless woman by making her believe these myths?
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard both men and women use this line.  Such are the statements that ‘force’ girls to be okay with the idea of being second or third wives or mistresses because, no matter what they do or how they do it, they’ll never be enough men to marry all of them.

The FACT is, the entire world’s population ratio of men to women is 101 males to 100 females.  In Kenya, the ratio is the same (101:100) up to the age of 65 when it drops slightly to 84:100.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

5 Unspoken Gentlemanly Acts that Proves He's a Great Guy

In this Century, the toughest decision every grown up man has to make is find the right woman to pop the ‘Will you marry me’ question to.  And, to a woman, it’s finding one she can without hesitation say ‘Yes’ to.
When you’re a man, you’ll constantly be torn in between the same old cliche thinking that she could be after your wealth.  No different for women - the thought that he could be after whatever in your panties is undismissable.

But, starting today, if you’re a woman, there are ways through which you can tell, in advance, if he’s a good guy or not:

Monday, 28 March 2016

'LET'S JUST BE FRIENDS' - 10 Probable Reasons why Guys Get Friend-Zoned

'Let's just be friends.'
If you suck at breaking up things with someone who's obsessed with you, this, we somehow believe, is the nicest phrase to use…and the harshest to hear, especially if you are a guy.  Assuming that you are a guy and are still wondering why you were ever friend-zoned, or why girls keep friend-zoning you, here's why:

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

SPEAKING OF ROMANCE - Kenyan Couples Discuss their Partners' Most Romantic Gestures

It's no news that Kenyan men, and their women, are regarded among the world's least romantic people. Interestingly, that's an allegation that's best backed by jilted exes, bachelors and bachelorettes who don't know a thing about what it takes to maintain a good, strong and exciting relationship.
For the first time ever, I let real couples in real relationships weigh in on this matter - tell us the most romantic thing their partners have ever done and, what in their view is the most romantic gesture they have ever showed to their partners. Check out their responses:

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


A while back I posted something lovey-dovey on my Facebook page and a close friend dared comment, 'I didn't know you have a heart' Err, of course I have a heart! The only reason why so many people don't get to pierce a Cupid's arrow through it is because it's surrounded by walls as high as the ones Nehemiah built around Jerusalem.

You know who's too timid to climb over such a wall? A man. But the one person who doesn't mind climbing over it is a man's mother cum my future mother in law.

It all started a few months back, when this lady whose shop I frequent started the 'Niko na kijana' conversation.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Relationship Test -A Girl's Perspective-

By now, you must have come across loads of articles teaching you how to measure how compatible you are with your significant other, if he is a boyfriend or husband material, if he truly loves you, if your love is going to last and…well, lots of other stuffy stuff. I bet that your exhaustion - regarding those guides - is already at capacity. That's why today, it's all about a simple relationship test (for girls); a test that can both help you know if it's time to break off things with him, or make certain that he's the real deal.
Here's what you need to do:

Borrow Money: Isn't it funny that people today are more open to talking about sex than they are talking about money. Going by the idea that lots of men are crazy about the idea of dating a woman who makes her own cash, asking him to help you financially can determine whether he sees you as a gold digger, or if he trusts and loves you enough to help you out. Take note - don't tell him what's the money is for, the exact amount you want or if you'll be paying him back. So while a loser will be like, 'You know my dad was in the hospital and I had to help with his bills', a real guy will tell you, 'I am not in a good place right now but I'll see what I can do. How much do you want, and how soon?'

Friday, 26 September 2014

9 Things Ladies Dislike about the Men they're Dating - THE KENYAN VERSION

By now you probably know of those irrelevant things men claim to hate about their girlfriends; things like intentionally leaving their underwear behind after a sleep over, showing up on dates with friends, letting their friends know every little detail about  their relationship, posting intimate photos on social media and tagging them, applying too much makeup…
Image: Solange Knowles & Crew 
Now it's time to reverse their 'dislike' and see what girls hate about their boyfriends and male friends:

Friday, 19 September 2014


Growing up, many of us read fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White or watched similar films, like Princess Diaries.  That must have got some of us thinking that one day, we too would end up with a Prince, or a Princess, despite there being no royalty in Kenya.
But hey, not everyone's childhood dream of becoming a princess, or a prince were shunned.  Take a look at these very ordinary girls/ladies/women  and men who not only read but also lived these fairy tales.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Why Your Relationship Won't Go Beyond that Text - Digitized Dating-

The five things you are never supposed to do via text; break the 'I'm pregnant' news, deliver news about the death of someone, break up with someone, pop the Big Question and, date.

The first four are so obvious, to all, though some still use them.  But the last; date, that should never be a go zone. 
Regrettably, it has become a big go zone for so many singles that it is amongst the top avenues for finding and building love. 

This however isn't just about texting; it's about the many things you do, texting included, that are automatically bound to leave you loveless, single and lonely, for a long, long time.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Feel FREE to Marry as Many Husbands, and Wives, as You Wish---Says President Uhuru Kenyatta

It has been the most controversial bill, and now law, that the country has ever seen.  On the 29th of April-yesterday, President Uhuru Kenyatta put his sign on the 2014 Marriage Bill which among other things legalizes polygamy.
So millions of women are whining and gazillions of men celebrating, despite not knowing exactly what the law is all about.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Ever heard of the lame love phrases like, 'if you really love someone, you've to let them go and if they come back, then know that it was really meant to be' or, 'don't look for love for it will find you when you least expect it.'
In a country like Kenya, where gender hate is being preached daily, and where couples end up getting married because the girl got pregnant, or because life became so expensive and moving in together was the only solution, you wouldn't expect there to be any love stories worth telling.  Though hard to believe, there is quite a large number of the Pretty Woman and City of Angels kind of love stories.

Monday, 31 March 2014

5 Tips on How to Politely Break it Off with an Annoying Wannabe Mr. or Miss Right

It's one of the reasons why I started blogging; to be objective, and not try to protect the names of the culprits.

So a few days back I met this guy, not actually met-physically, but social medially.  You know the kind of guy who sits next to some pretty girl every morning and evening on the bus but never get the guts to say hi, or whose neighbour is a gorgeous lady whom he has a big crush on but he would never be caught talking to her, or whose work-mate is so damn sexy, and every man desires her, but she dismisses them all, maybe because she likes this one guy, but he's such a coward to make a move?  The guy I am talking about is the kind of guy who loves to hide behind Facebook, and Twitter, hoping to find a clande, a girlfriend or a wife.

Friday, 21 February 2014

The Answer To The World's Most Asked Question---What Do Women Want?

I was watching an episode of Breakout Kings a while back where one of the convicts (Shea) was giving advice to his fellow convict (Lloyd).

"Women don't know what they want, and even if they did, they would never admit that what they want is what they want."
This is nothing new, for it has existed for years; men desiring to 'understand' women and, when they fail to, they opt to think for them.  Not only do they busy themselves making decisions for them but also, make fun of the whole thing…how women are a complicated and incomprehensible group.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Alone This Valentines? You Don't Have to be Lonely

Valentines is just around the corner, and though everyone is talking about it, not all are looking forward to it.  Reason being, there are loads of singles out there, wondering how they pull through the 24 hours of loneliness, and as for the couples, they' be wondering---does s/he have a plan for us, what will s/he give me, where will s/he take me? 

Monday, 3 February 2014



It's yet another month of the year; February.  As many of you are thinking, 'Valentines', here I am', I am thinking, 'dear Birthday, why now?'  I don't lie about my age, and neither do I believe that I am getting any older…instead, I prefer saying that I am 20 (something) years wiser.
Image: A South African lesbian couple; 

Thursday, 21 November 2013


Based on my current age, which is in the mid-twenties, most of my friends are in this age too.  But it's kinda interesting how we all want different things in life.  Ask any of my female agemates where they see themselves in the next 5-10years, they'll talk about a good career, marriage and kids.  As for the male gender, the answer is totally different…it always has to do with success and fame…not many talk about finding that special someone and settling down.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


These days, I come across lots of  young girls and ladies claiming to be classy; so classy that they want to associate with classy people, can only be seen hanging out in classy places, doing classy stuff…
There's isn't anything wrong with being classy, but, the way these women tend to define classy is way out of line. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Why do Kenyan Women Hate Sex

Ask men, and they will tell you-Kenyan women do not like sex.  So what exactly in Kenyan women makes them not like the only God’s gift bestowed upon them by God?  Are they ant different from other women from other parts of the world?  Or is their denial to appease their spouses an act of punishment?  In case you thought that Kenyan women hate sex, you are gravely mistaken.  These women love and adore sex-more than men!  If you think that I’m wrong, answer this one question for me.  Why is it that so many societies circumcise their women?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Nairobi Girls and the 5 Things their Men Can't Stand

You know how everyone keeps on blaming the other when something goes wrong and a black sheep has to be forced to take the blame?  This is what I have witnessed for the last couple of years, as I listened to men vent about how Kenyan girls, or to be precise, Nairobi girls are just loosing it.  To bring an end to that discussion, I asked a friend, who is famously known for hating on Nairobi girls, despite never having dated one---hate or rather come clean on what doesn’t like about them.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

No, There's Nothing Wrong with being a Gold Digger

In life, there are two distinctive traits that differentiate a man from a woman:

While it only takes a single glance for a man to fall in love with a woman, for a woman, the more she gets to spend time with a man, the more she falls in love with him.
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