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Wednesday, 1 June 2016


How many churches have I been to?

Five, may be eight, or let's just make it ten. To tell the truth, I have no idea. I lost count!

That's me, and I guess you, or someone you know. 
Once upon a time, Sunday was everyone's church day. Back in the village, that's the day kids would take a full bath (Monday-Saturday you only washed your face, hands and legs) - after all, cleanliness is second to Godliness. It also happened to be the day when you'd wear your Sunday best (the only clothes that got to be washed with Omo) and, the only day you got to wear those black Ngoma rubber shoes. And, when asked where we were going, we'd never say 'church.' We were going to 'Sunday', we'd say. It was that intense! 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Top 10 Possible Sci-Fi Biblical Stories

The Bible, which is believed to be the world's most read book, has some really fascinating stories that will make you question their authenticity.  From the creation stories to the miracles performed by Moses and Jesus and, from God's wrath to mankind to His great love for the people.  But, the scariest of them all are told in the book of Revelation.  Reading these stories will somehow make you think that you are reading a Syfy TV show script.  In fact, reading some of these stories could give you nightmares.

The big question is and will always be, did these life events really happen, or are they simply the works of a great story teller?

Monday, 14 July 2014


There comes a time in every person's life that they question the existence of God, or any superior power for that matter.

It's a feeling that's known to attack at the weakest points of your life; when a loved one is ill, when they die, when you lose your job owhen you can't afford taking care of your needs, among others.
It's human nature to question the existence of God when, despite the many prayer requests you make, nothing happens.  You keep on praying, fasting, and praying even more, but your today always ends up being far much worse than your yesterday.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Centuries' old Churches been Turned into Nightclubs...

I am not a regular or church attendee, but from the few times I have been in church, there is always a mchango going on, and I’m not exaggerating.

Back home, there was my first church that is always collecting funds to build a pastor’s residence, the second church has been for years running a harambee to build a bigger and more sophisticated church, another church along Mombasa road always preached how embarrassing it was to rent out a space for worship, then there is another one along Ngong’ Road that I still collecting funds to aid in purchasing a new ground to build a church…and of course, there’s your church (es).
Image:  A centuries old church turned in to a home

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Scripture of the Day

John 6: 16

Jesus Walks on the Water
...When evening came, his disciples went down to the lake, where they got into a boat and set off across the lake for Capernaum.  By now it was dark, and Jesus had not yet joined them.  A strong wind was blowing and the waters grew rough.  When they had rowed three or three and a half miles, they saw Jesus approaching the boat, walking on the water; and they were terrified.  But He said to them, “It is I, don’t be afraid.”
Image:  Jesus walking on water

Friday, 29 March 2013

Breaking News: Jesus is Dead

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in him may not die but have eternal life.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Apocalypse Did Happen, But You and I Were Left Behind

While a majority of you made  speculations on how the world was coming to an end, I paid no attention to the hearsay since deep down, I still believe that no one knows the day, nor the hour when the world will come to an end.

After all, how can the world come to an end when we are yet to experience the Rapture?

Talking of Rapture, I just finished  reading LEFT BEHIND; a book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins about the end times, the rapture and the rise of the Anti-christ.  

This I must say is a must read, regardless of whether you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Atheist.  
I know that many of us have already watched the movie but, if you don't know it yet, let me reveal it to you...

There is nothing as fulfilling as directing your own movie with the characters and scenes you read from a book.  All the other movies capture at most 40% of what is in the book!  Get the picture?

Unlike the Mayan myths, the Rapture will take place on a day and a time that no one is aware of, and can never be predicted.  As it is in Left Behind, as Rayford (a pilot) is and a 200+ is airborne, several passengers go missing.  He's left wondering what to do:  He can't land with a number of his crew missing neither can he stay airborne forever.

He later learns that several people have gone missing, including his very religious wife and son, and he's left behind with his daughter Chloe who is currently in the University.

As they start unraveling this mystery and understanding the real reason behind the disappearances, they meet with Bruce, a junior pastor who was left behind after the disappearance of his entire family and Buck, a young award-winning journalist who doesn't believe in God, and whose almost entire family was left behind.  Together, they form the Tribulation Force.

So then, who is the Anti-christ?

No, it's not Obama as it has been speculated, neither is it Beyonce's and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy.  It is some guy from Romania who rose up from a simple leadership position to becoming the President and later, the UN Secretary General.  His promise is to unite the world and let peace prevail...
(Assuming that 21st was indeed the Apocalypse, and that the Rapture did take place...then, it must be that the two of us; You and I have been Left Behind)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Stealing in the Name of the Lord (Part II)

"Hata kama simu yangu iko mteja, M-Pesa haiwezi kuwa mteja"

These are the exact words of a certain Pastor Njuguna - or is it Mburu (forgive my forgetfulness) during his GBS tele-broadcast on Friday Night.

Though I wrote my Part 1 on Stealing in the name of the Lord just a couple of months back, and Mohammed Ali went further to expose pastor Njoroge, and other numerous exposes on Kenyan fake pastors, the business is still going strong and booming.

Irrespective of all of these happenings, some people continue to call me names because I don't frequent the church as much as they do.  The whole religion thing has become so over-exaggerated that one cannot really remain faithful to one.  But when you tell people that you been looking around and none has proven to be good enough; they say that you are the problem; and not the church-that you are practicing religious prostitution. 

Ever given a beggar some coins only to have them say that they aren't enough.  That's how I felt when I went to church last Sunday.  Not a minute had passed before the pastor says:

"We still have a KSh. 40,000 deficit to clear.  I want 40 volunteers to give 1K each...maybe I should serve an example and give first right; I have just donated KSh. 5,000...."  

I felt so bad that these people were showing off their financial capabilities-the finances that the church gives them.  Tell me, how many people can outdo pastors in their wealth?

At the time I felt like I could walk up to him and demand my offertory back... What I truly don't understand is whether these pastors hypnotize the congregation to act the fool and act as though everything is okay.   I aint perfect, none is, but this can't be normal...

Another thing I can't stand is having the pastors ask the congregation to 'plant seeds' (in monetary terms) so that they multiply in hundreds and thousands.  Even a poor peasant farmer knows well enough that you can't plant when you have no seed.  Did Jesus ask for people's seeds or isn't He the one who provided the seeds?  But one thing that I don't see myself ever doing is tithing.  I can't tithe for a church that will only bless those who tithe thousands and millions...No.  By the way, do the pastors tithe?  I rather donate a pack of sanitary towels to a beggar on the streets than buy a first class plane ticket to a for a pastor.

Reminds me, who sung the song, 'Stealing in the name of the Lord?'

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Welcome to Nairobi's Most Controversial Church

A few months ago, Mamlaka Hill Chapel featured on the papers-this was no positive appearance.  It was all about being so open and welcoming to secular youths, gays, lesbians and a whole lot of the funny but interesting people.  Read more about this feature-The Changing Face of Modern Worship in the Daily Nation Here.  Days later I further heard a discussion on Radio about the same church, that ushers and usherettes in the church are so discriminatory, that they only welcome people who drive.  If you are like me and have to dust your shoes or wipe of your muddy boots before entering the church, beware that you won't have anyone waiting for you at the door to give you a smile, greet you and lead you to your seat.  It got me wondering, are the Mamlaka Hill ushers tipped off by the congregants?

That aside, last Sunday (actually, it's the other Sunday), despite having spent most of my Sundays indoors, don't ask me why, I found myself at Mamlaka Hill.  Having had very bad encounters with the fake pastors -read more about Stealing in the Name of the Lord part 1 here, I prayed that this would be different.  You  must be curious to know why I went there.  No, I am not a lesbian, neither was I spying or going undercover to get my side of the story.

Every 2 years, the Church hosts and runs a 1 month ArtsFest between the months of August and September that includes loads of Arts, music, theatre performances, fashion shows, poetry, paintings, dances, etc.  Being a die-hard fan of Arts, I had to be there.  I walked into the church rather late, and though I had somewhat dusty shoes and a sweat dripping off my face, and had no usher to welcome me in-I'm not complaining.  I finally get it.  The service was so good that everyone was inside-not wanting to miss out on any of the happenings.  

On arrival, a drama on the Good Samaritan was on.  We have read about that parable a million times, watched it a thousands times...but this was different.  I mean, preaching about the Good Samaritan as Jesus did back in the day would not be as applicable today.  But explaining it in a way that people can connect with; Like having the Good Samaritan story set in Naivasha during the post-election violence, and a Kalenjin comes along to help a Kikuyu who's been beaten and abandoned on the road by his neighbours to die makes it so realistic!

Couldn't make it to all the other performances though, but I loved the Kenyanised version of Romeo and Juliet titled 'Ruhiu  and Juliet'.  Though it went all the way to past 9.00pm, it was more than worth it-coz the next time there'll be another ArtFest, who knows where or what I will be?

I now get it.  The society is changing:  Those around us, the environment, everything around us is changing.  So why not change with the times.  Christianity is the best religion there is and ever will be, and we don't have to play nuns and monks to prove our spirituality.  God wants us to have fun and enjoy our youths, not lead a boring life as though by being on this earth is a curse rather a gift.  I don't like going to churches where all you do is sit, listen to the pastor talk about tithing, sing three dirges, doze a bit and later walk back home.

Top read more on my religious perspectives, Click here

Friday, 31 August 2012

Learning to Accept Homosexuals, Terrorists, Criminals...

If Mombasa isn't really in Kenya, why don't we let them fight and after they flatten themselves out, we can invade and colonise them?  

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Truth Behind PCEA Church Accidents

One year, one church, three attacks-how normal is that?  To the rest of the world it may seem normal but in my world, it's absurd!
  • In April 2012, seven youths from (Presbyterian Church of East Africa) PCEA Church-Dagoreti died at the Hells Gate National Park after being swept away by floods.
  • Four months later, 13 members of the same church PCEA-Thika died while on a retreat in Tanzania.
  • Yesterday, a PCEA Church in Mombasa was vandalised and burnt by a rowdy mass of rioters.
It's either that something very fishy is going on at the PCEA churches (like sacrificing their believers to some deity) or, ...what other reason could be there?

What we need is a National Prayer Day; unlike the existing one whereby un-religious politicians gather at the Serena  to have a KSh. 10,000 cup of coffee and cup cake, but a NATIONAL PRAYER DAY where everyone takes a few minutes of silence and prayer, similar to the KENYA28FEB.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Divorcing the Church

Christianity is cool, fun and reassuring.  But a majority of Christians barely understand or practice true and sincere Christianity.  Instead, they opt for religious practices that I still believe Christ would never condone were He to visit the modern Church.

I have been into countless churches, but they are all the same.  It's all about the Money.  Every Sunday the pastor doesn't fail to remind the congregants that the church rent ought to be paid, musical instruments ought to be added, retreats ought to be signed up for, seeds have to be planted, tithing ought to be respected...

For these monetary reasons, I have had to file for divorce from the Church.  The church concept we had when growing up has completely changed!  The main reason one attends church is for nothing more than  fellowship with fellow believers, not be lectured about the tough economic times and becoming a millionaire.  How com no church preaches about how to be and stay happy and cheerful?

At one instance I was so fed up with the church (then it was mere separation), and so I met someone who convinced that the church he attends was different.  And so for the following 3-4 Sundays, I begun attending The Purpose Centre.  All was well, until the money factor came in.  I hated that the pastor only prayed for the congregants to be successful, bosses and lenders.  Worse still is that envelopes would be issued out every Sunday for people willing to tithe or plant a seed, and they were supposed to write their names, contacts and amount of money offered on top of the envelope.  Then, they would be asked to stand and be prayed for.  When I finally decided to quit, I recall my friend asking my why I was quitting, 
"Do you feel it's out of your class."  
Of course it was, because Christ's church got nothing to do with class but equality.

We are well aware that during the last days, there'll be a lot of fake prophets, the kind we are seeing today, and I'm intensely grieved to see that most of these so called fake prophets are from Kenya, starting from pastor Deya with his miracle babies to all these fake others who refer to themselves as exorcists and miracle performs.  Do they want to prove to us that Kenya has the highest percentage of people possessed by demons and evil spirits?  If truly these people have the power to perform these miracles, they shouldn't wait for people to go for them.  They should instead go to the streets and pray for the beggars, street families or go to prisons and hospitals and pray for the sick and those in deep need of prayers.

Take a minute and do this rough calculation:  A church that has at least 500 average income earning congregants who make an average of KSh.50,000 in a month makes roughly KSh. 2,500,000 tax free income in a month from their tithes, all of which disappears into the pastor's personal account.  The Bible indicates that the church should take care of the elderly, widows, orphans and the poor-that's why we should tithe.  But, all of these people in need and whom the church should be caring for have turned to crime, begging and prostitution while the church continue to thrive.

For these reasons, I have found it to be comforting to tithe to charities rather than the church, and of course file for divorce from the such churches.

PS-I am still looking for the Bible version these pastors read, like one whereby Jesus asked Mary Magdalene to plant a seed before He casted out her demons.  

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sunday: Church day or Rest day?

Four reasons why I haven't been into church lately:

1. Pastor Deya:  The guy hypnotized women to believe that they were pregnant and that they were having miracle babies!  How can one have a miracle baby when Jesus Himself was no miracle kid?  They 'man of God' saw it wise to run away and leave his wife behind-to pay for his sins.  And now, he owns he has the fastest growing church in the world!

2. Apostle Ng'ang'a:  This guy reminds me of my good pal S', she had so much faith in the guy such that she had him pray for her-for a miracle.  Who could ever tell that this so called exorcist had another talent of sleeping around with members of his congregation, impregnating them, attempting to shut them up by killing them and dumping their body?

3. Margaret Wanjiru (Jesus is Alive Ministries): Need I say something here?  She denied her hubby Honourable Kamangu,was allocated two houses by the National Housing Corporation, and the rest- I'll write about that in 2013.

4. Prophet Kinyua (Akisema Amesema Ministries):  At one time, I almost contacted Safaricom to spam any messages from the guy/his church.  If I am in need, why take advantage of that and ask me to 'plant a seed' in order to have my prayer request fulfilled?

5. Of late I've heard of another.  He has his church at Cabanas.  Apparently, he is an exorcist, and interestingly, all people have the same problem.  There is a creepy guy out there who plucks crosses and flowers immediately after the burial, then buries a cloth full of names of people-in order-how they should die.  He warns the believers that by the time they find the cloth, the names might have faded already coz they were written with human blood.

What I have learnt, churches are the most promising and profitable business we have.  You need pay no taxes, you always refill your bank account after every week thanks to your congregants, nation wide media coverage, a celebrity and in no time, a politician.

Way forward, stick to the old churches your parents brought you up in; the Catholic church, Presbyterian, Methodist, Salvation Army...   and forget about the new generation churches with all their glitz, swag and class. 

And learn to be spiritual, not religious:(If religion is so great, why has it started so many wars.  Why has it built huge churches, but fails to feed the poor... Why I hate Religion, But Love Jesus 

See also Stealing in the name of the Lord

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Perfect Creation not so Perfect

They say God created man in his own image and that when He was done; He looked at the creation made in His likeness and saw it was good; question is, was the creation that good? 

According to laws of nature, a symbiotic relation that God Himself intended, a system that is perfect does not depend on other systems to ‘feed’ it.  Why then did God create a partner for his perfect creation if it was so perfect? Did the creation prove not to be so perfect? Did he make a better creation? All these are questions that people fail to ask themselves when reading the scripture. We are constantly told not to read material for what it is but to ingest and digest the information that we receive and hence deduct the true meaning of text from the large amount of useless information it is cloaked within, but is this invaluable advice applicable only to certain information? Do we thus inject the text from the Bible into our bloodstream like junkies? I think not, I think it is time we were able to interpret every word in the Bible, read, re-read and read again just for good measure.     

When Solomon, the wise king, was writing The Songs of Solomon, what led us to believe that it wasn’t the mind of God at work thus choose to see John, Mathew, Moses, Luke and other writers of the Bible who didn’t cross the lines of Christian morality as the ‘real’ writers of the Bible? Christ himself said to his followers, ‘do not believe everything you see or hear…’ those very words have become the basis of this argument, if Jesus the son of God himself says to us not to believe everything we see and hear then who are we to think otherwise and refuse this request of a savior who died for us and may have well saved us from oblivion?

It is sad to say that the very instrument that we are supposed to use to uncover hidden meaning and lead us to the promised land is the same thing that made us be chased out of it, Eve and Adam’s poor perception and eventual failure to see the serpents true motives were the reason for man’s eviction from The Garden Of Eden. So even historically man has not been one to rely on perception for his benefit. So the question is, what is it that men understand if it is not perception and its use? Well, it’s quite easy; it’s the carrot-stick theory. Allow me to explain, why are most Christians followers of the word? Again easy, for the promise of a happier afterlife and the alternative of which is lakes of sulphur, fire and brimstone, unending torture and pain which to be honest isn’t much of an option. Many people may want to disagree with this but we can make the example more experiential, why do people go to school? Answer, to get a good job hence better salary and thus a good life, the alternative being, low income, hard living or at best average livelihoods, no holidays, no life in suburbia, in essence poverty or worse. 

The argument being, simply put, humans like life as it is, we do not want to know more, we are a content species, those who do want to know more are locked up in research institutes or think tanks using their minds for ‘greater’ things while the rest are considered crazy. Given the option between the quest for knowledge and the easier, direct ‘carrot-stick’ way of life, man would go for the easier way out, any day.  
by Jeff Muiruri
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