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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Marlon Wayans' #Marlon - TV Review

I Love Comedy

I mean, who doesn’t, especially if it has a Wayans’ in it?
Marlon, a 20 minutes comedy family show, features one of the funniest acts of 21st Century (Marlon Wayans) and greatest actress (Essence Atkins) - as a recently divorced couple working amicably in bringing up their two kids; Marley (Notlim Taylor) & Zack (Amir O’Neil).
Every cast member is a genius of their act:

MARLON; what better way to describe him than this loud, annoying, funny yet loving and caring ex husband, dad and friend.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

#WatchList: World of Dance

When J-LO meets Neyo, and the two link up with Derek Hough, you can be assured of only one thing.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Sci-Fi THE CROSSING - Review

Since it started airing on April 2nd, I haven’t missed an episode.

Maybe it’s because it got some science fiction in it, or that it has a strong story line, or that Reece is insanely lovable.

Visualize this:
A guy phones the police to report a body by the beach.  By the time cops get there, there are a few more bodies.  In no time, hundreds of bodies are floating all over the ocean, with a few survivors amidst them struggling to swim to the shore.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Dr Spencer Johnson's WHO MOVED MY CHEESE - Book Review

It’s one of the world’s most read, most loved, most celebrated and most insightful reads of all time - WHO MOVED MY CHEESE by Dr Spencer Johnson.

The short story is set in a maze where four characters (Sniff, Scurry, Hem & Haw) are looking for cheese.
May sound like a cheese and mice bedtime kind-of story but, what you may not realize is everything about it is a metaphor:

CHEESE is a metaphor for what we want in life- job, relationship, money, house, recognition, spiritual peace, freedom, health…

Friday, 9 March 2018


Forever Odd is a sequel to Odd Thomas (which I haven’t read yet) by Dean Koontz.

21 year old Odd Thomas wakes in the middle of the night to find he has company; Elvis Presley and Dr. Jessup (his friend’s father).
Such visitations mean one thing - the visitor has passed on and his/her spirit is lingering around, hesitant to move on, hoping that Odd Thomas will help.

Because he can see them, (through his gift of psychic magnetism) he acts as the bridge between life and death.  However, to exit this world, the spirits must go through this heart, which leaves it scarred and sore.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Issa Rae's #INSECURE - Review, Quotes & Dialogue

Her name is Issa Dee (Issa Rae). 

A young modern day intelligent black woman juggling work, friendships, relationship and insecurities.

She’s best friends with Molly (Yvonne Orji) - a highly successful lawyer and in a long term-relationship with Lawrence (Jay Ellis)

On her 29th birthday, she realizes that she has just 1 more year in her twenties, and has no more time for b******t any more.

…hence time to make some drastic changes, or rather mistakes…

INSECURE isn’t worth your loving. In the very least, it deserves your obsessing…but not if you get offended easily with ‘foul’ language a lil’ bit of nudity. 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The World’s Greatest Serial Killers - #BookReview

The book’s title is enough to compel you to pick and start reading it.  Even more compelling was it’s price; KSh. 100 at the Text Book Centre.
If you plan on adding it to your shelf, be ready to be shocked, intrigued, scared, disgusted and blown away by these stories; from the likes of Jack the Ripper to Ted Bundy and The Moor Murders.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Why There’s NO GLITZ & GLAMOUR on Kenyan Screens

"I’ve never been a fan of Kenyan TV Shows.

There’s nothing worth watching anyway.

Naming them is easy - Tausi, Inspekta Mwala, Mali, Mother-in-law, Mashtaka, Changes, Tahidi High, Auntie Boss, How to Find a Husband is listing their numerous flaws; flaws that hinder us from loving, celebrating and being loyal towards them:

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

#FLEABAG - A Disturbingly Funny Comedy you Got to be Watching

"You know that feeling when a guy you like sends you a text at two o’clock on a Tuesday night asking if he can come and find you, and you’ve accidentally made it out like you’ve just got in yourself, so you have to get out of bed, drink half a bottle of wine, get in the shower, shave everything, dig out some Agent Provocateur business - suspender belt, the whole bit - and wait by the door until the buzzer goes?  
And then you open the door to him like you’ve forgotten he’s coming over.  And then you get to it immediately.  After some pretty standard bouncing, you realize…he’s edging towards your a******e.  But you’re drunk and he made the effort to come all the way here, so you let him.  He’s thrilled!  And then the next morning, you wake, to find him, fully dressed, sat on the side of the bed, gazing at you.  He says that ‘last night was incredible’.  …which you think is an overstatement but then he goes on to say that ‘it was particularly special because I’ve never managed to actually up the bum with anyone before.  And although it’s always been a fantasy of mine, I’ve never found anyone I could do it with.’ (To be fair, he does have a large p***s).  And then, he touches your hair, and thanks you with a genuine earnest.  It’s sort of moving.  Then he kisses you gently, and then he leaves.  And you spend the rest of the day wondering, ‘Do I Have a Massive A******e?"

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

PAULO COELHO'S THE ALCHEMIST - Book Review, Quotations & Life Teachings

As one of the top rated, most read, most talked about and most translated books in history, The Alchemist also happens to be the hardest book to come across.  I had been looking for it for so many years and every time I asked a seller why they don’t have it, they’d lie that they had just sold out of.
But, when I finally got my hands on it, I had one question ringing in my head.  'What makes you so special?'

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

John Grisham's THE CLIENT - A Book Review

One of the benefits of growing up in a family with older siblings is you get exposed to a new world long before your peers do.  So while my 11 and 12 year old friends were being entertained by storybooks, I was falling in love with the likes of The River and the SourceThe Concubine and The Client.  That was over a decade ago.  Now, imagine my excitement when I came across the very same John Grisham’s THE CLIENT - hardcover version, to add to my collection…but not before letting my now very adult mind re-read it.
Story line is simple, young Mark Sway (11 year-old) and little brother Ricky (9 year-old) sneak to the woods to have a smoke.  Little do they know a very prominent lawyer (Jerome Clifford) has chosen the same woods to end his life.  Mark feels obliged to ‘help’ save his life.  Instead, he ends up witnessing the traumatic suicide and becoming Romey’s last confidant (now he knows who killed a ‘missing’ Louisiana senator and where the body is buried - information that everyone, from the mob to the FBI and the media, is dying for).

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

#KCBLionsDen - Worth the Buzz or Not?

After a three month hiatus, I’M BACK!

This time, it’s all about my views, concerns, praise and critique for the just premiered KCB Lions Den TV show on NTV.

Friday, 27 May 2016

#CONCUSSION - A Personal Film Review

Concussion - the film that sent Jada Pinkett Smith over the edge after the film's lead actor, hubby Will Smith, failed to be nominated for an Oscar.

Why wasn't he, or it nominated?
Concussion is film based on real life events - a story of a highly educated Nigerian forensic pathologist - Bennett Omalu (has a medical degree from the University of Nigeria, masters in public health and epidemiology and masters in theory of music). His life is suddenly changed when he performs an autopsy on a former NFL player and discovers he had severe brain damage which caused the player (Mike Webster) to become homeless at 50, self mutilate, forget things, start hearing voices and become violent, among other things.

Friday, 1 April 2016

JANE the VIRGIN (Review) - More than just a Telenovela

It's the most hilarious, very unrealistic, fun and free-spirited telenovela you'll ever watch. Though adopted from a Venezuelan soap opera Juana la Virgen (used to air on Kiss TV, then going by some other name I can’t recall), Jane the Virgin is very different and is certainly on another level - well, apart from the usual telenovela drama; the yelling, crying and scheming.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


You know when someone asks that you meet up at a certain place, but by them being African, they don't show up on time, so you have to come up with an activity to fill time? Myself, I like finding a place where I can check out books…and that's basically the story behind my last read, ' Full Dark, No Stars' by Stephen King.

It encompass five short stories; 1922, Big Driver, Fair Extension, A Good Marriage and Under the Weather.
1922 - I have to say this was my favorite, coz it's a story that so easy to relate to - at least in the current African context. So this guy, Wilfred, learns that his wife, Arlette, has inherited 100 acres of land from her dead father. Being a farmer and owner of 80 acres, he's excited that he'll soon own 180. But, Arlette wants to sell everything and move to the city. After failing to talk her out of it, or at least reason with her, he talks their teenage son into killing her and getting rid of the body - which they do - and just like that, he becomes the sole owner of 180 acres of land. What they don't know is that, superstitious or not, the murdered always have a way of haunting and hunting down their killers.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

SPEAK OF THE DEVIL by Jenna Black - Book Review

Reading has always been my thing. My love for books is so unbiased that I constantly find myself reading books, articles and stories that many dismiss at first sight. Not that I'm calling Jenna Black's Speak of the Devil dreary (that would be too harsh and mean), or interesting (that would be a big lie), but, it's a good book, worth reading---though it took me forever to finish (not sure whether that's because I am lazy, or because I wasn't that much into it).

Speak of the Devil tells a story of probably the world's most powerful exorcist; Morgan Kingsley. Despite her prowess in the business, she loses her license or rather has her license suspended after some rich guy sues hefor 'killing' his son during an exorcism. Basically, the book is about her trying to get the guy to drop the charges and well, find who's behind it all. Quite simple right? But here's the thing, her real enemy is no human but rather a demon she forcefully exorcised.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Insanely Possessed with The Walking Dead - Plus 8 Things That Never Seems to Make Sense

What's the right word? Obsessed…maybe addicted? Let me just go with insanely possessed. Yes, I am insanely possessed with the zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead to be exact. I just love how blood curdling every episode is, with my top highlights being that ugly beheading scene in Season 5, the scenes where Daryl was feasting on a snake and Enid on a raw turtle, that grisly attack/butchering of people in Alexandria and obviously, Glenn's death in Season 6.
I had no idea how much love I had for this guy till he 'died'. The worst part was that The Walking Dead creators removed his name from the opening credits and, I had to keep on watching and praying that he was still alive…which he is (for now). So now that the show has taken a break, I got thinking into some of the things that kind of don't make sense in this super-awesome thriller…

Thursday, 22 October 2015


Forget drama, thriller, horror or comedy TV Shows. Reality TV is my all time favorite -though it kind of ties with my other favorite; Science Fiction. At the moment, I'm all about The Couples Show - a Kenyan program that tests couples on how well they know and work with their partners. The reality show, which is broadcast by K24, airs every Wednesday at 8:00 pm.
This is actually by second review on the Couples Show foseveral changes have since been implemented.  Like back then, the show used to be hosted by Kalekye Mumo.  Now it's being hosted by Rachel Muthoni.

Friday, 2 October 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should be Watching #HowToGetAwayWithMurder

Season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder started airing a week ago and since I don't want to be the only one watching or blabbing about it, here comes my 10 reasons why you should be watching it:
1. It has Shonda Rhimes written all over it and well, everything associated with Shonda Rhimes ends up being a masterpiece. In case you don't know, she's the lady behind Scandal, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.
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