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Monday, 10 July 2017

One on One with the FACE behind KEITAN SAFARIS

With tens of thousands graduating from Kenyan Universities annually, the last thing these graduates expect is getting an 8-5 job that pays KSh. 10,000 per month.
That’s the reality that hit 23 year old Kevin Owino, a Tourism Management graduate from Maasai Mara University.  Popularly known as Keitan, he is the perfect motivation to look up to when exiting  white collar slavery and embracing a no-collar entrepreneurship mentality.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

BEST OF THE BEST: African Print (Kitenge) Evening Gowns

You've just been invited as a special guest or someone's +1  in this elite event.

You have no idea what to wear so you google for what our celebrities put on on such events, you know the likes of Groove Awards, Kalasha Awards, Soma Awards...

Though you are new at this, you can tell that what these 'celebrities of ours' wear is mediocre, laughable actually.  

You internationalize your search and well, whatever those actresses and musicians wear is either locally unacceptable or too damn expensive.  So what do you do?



But hey, before you do, check out these African Print inspired evening gowns that are achievable, chic and adoptable PLUS, they will make you the absolute belle of the ball!
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