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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Another Kenyan Collapses at Finish Line - And, we Celebrate

They always were and always will be our heroes and heroines. But, does it ever cross our minds that the more we push them, the more we put their lives in danger?
As per now, we are still celebrating 'the toughest person on the planet' - Hyvon Ngetich, for 'running the bravest race and crawling the bravest crawl' we have ever seen. Question is, was the crawl a sign that she was a strong woman, or that she was a woman who desperately needed to be rescued?

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Deaths on the Finish Lines: Exercises, Games and Sports that Kill

Early this week, you must have witnessed a family of an eighteen year old boy (John Metho) blame Karen Hospital for the death of their son, a student at the Elite Soccer Academy.  While the family claims that the hospital dismissed the sick kid, the hospital staff claims that the kid was already dead by the time he reached the hospital grounds.
He was young, strong and healthy.  So what is it that killed him?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Conjestina Achieng' Claims Ida Odinga is Her Mother?

Believed to be Kenya's richest woman, Conjestina Achieng' , a world renown University lecturer owns the 5 star Hilton Hotel, has her home in a plane and currently resides in Chicago.

Friday, 10 August 2012

10 Things that Make David Rudisha Stand Out

It's now official that David Rudisha is Kenya's greatest icon.  So what exactly makes him so great?
1.  Only non skinny athlete:  Unlike all the other athletes that we have known, Rudisha is the first one with some flesh, and muscle.

2. He's yet to unleash his alter ego:  Lot's of Kenya's young athletes are full of scandalous behaviours.  So far, there's isn't much to complain about him; isn't that Good News?

3. He doesn't care about being ridiculed:  Yes, you made fun of his Fiatu Fyangu-but he didn't give a fuss about your sinister mockery.

4. He is so humble:  He's a rich, good looking champion and ambassador but still, he seems to be the sort of guy who would give you a hug if you asked for one.  (Don't go on asking for one though).

5. Good looking:  Though beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I strongly believe that handsomeness is

6. Can speak some good English:  It's not that good, but's it QUITE good!  Rumour has it that he doesn't live in Kenya, (I'm yet to get info. on where he resides), but my guess is that it must be an English speaking country.  In case he doesn't live in Kenya, we then should start a Rudisha Rudisha Home Campaign.

7. Role model:  You have seen him with kids-washing hands.  Procter & Gamble (P&G) have made him their Ambassador.  Kiwi is doing so well in the market thanks to his mng'aro wa fiatu fyake, 

8. World record holder:  Breaking your very own world record-need I say more?

9. Legacy UPholder:  Unlike many kids from good families who shame the family name (no names for now), Rudisha Jr is indeed going a step ahead of his father David Rudisha Sr.
10. He is not available:  Yes, so many women would kill to have him as their other halves but fortunately, he's already a family man.  This gives him the title of not only a world champion but a responsible gentleman-were Samuel Wanjiru still alive; he could have taken real-life lessons from him.  But for the remaining ones like Ezekiel Kemboi, there's still time to grasp the chance and learn a thing.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Why Kenya isn't Winning any Medals at the Olympics

August has never been a good year for Kenya.  30 years ago, a coup almost 'ruined' our 'peaceful' nation; 22 years later, Osama bin Laden decided to pay a courtesy call to Kenya and now, 30 years later, our Prezzo lost his battle at the Big Brother House while our Kenyan athletes failed us big time in the Olympics.  So what next?  I prophesy that in the coming Olympics, we can out do China as well as USA. 

I recently heard that the reason Asian countries and the USA do well in swimming competitions is because they are so used to tsunamis and hurricanes hence, swimming to them is a part of their lives.  Borrowing from this, we too can come up with a strategy that will make us bring all the medals home in the coming Olympics (courtesy of Easy FM and other Kenyans).

Nyeri:  Who can even outdo Nyeri couples at fighting?   By sending just one Wanjiru and Mbugua, for the first time ever, Kenya'll get her first Fencing medal.
Kakamega:  Isn't the bodaboda experience not enough to make our Kakamega boys win the Olympics medals for cycling?
Maasai:  Our Maasai people have always done it, and rumor has it that the Maasai culture is what inspired the Javelin throw and pole vault games-how then could we not be well presented?
Kisii:  Need I say it, forget Conjestina.  The dream of bringing home an Olympics Boxing medal home, we have to leave it to our beloved Kisii men and women.
Nairobi:  Judging from the expertise in holding peaceful demonstrations and walking in the city streets all day long, our city folks would do us proud in race walking.
Kibera:  If a guy from Kibera can uproot metal rails from the rail way line, how easy would it be to lift weights?
Pokot:  The speed at which cattle rustling happens is beyond belief.  If only they could transform this vice into an award winning game i.e. marathons?
Meru:  Are there car races in the Olympics?  Maybe not at the moment but pretty soon...well, when that time arrives, we'll use Meru's expertise on Miraa car driving into this awesome game.
Nyanza:  Due to their inborn talent thrust in them, it's evident that Nyanza would represent us perfect in the Olympics short put games.
El Molo:  El Molo lives around the lake, depend on the lake for they livelihood meaning that they have to dive into the crocodile infested waters day in day out in search food.  Who then could be better to represent us in the Olympics swimming and diving competitions other than our El Molo siblings?
Turkana:  They are tall, with strong hands and very strong bones.
Kitui:  Need say not, that gymnastics are just perfect!

Seems  as though my tribe is less talented hence won't make any contribution towards bring more medals home, but still, we can make a whole load of a cheerful cheering squad!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Following Samuel Wanjiru's Footsteps-here's Ezekiel Kemboi

Better to be wealthy than to be rich because; wealth makes you wiser but richness, confused.

And what is it with our Kenyan athletics from the police department that they can't keep off the scandal list.  We heard, talked, discussed and critiqued Samuel Wanjiru's death, so let me not go back to that.  Today the topic was all about Ezekiel Kemboi's story: same characters, same scenaries but totally different stories.  I urge you to believe in mine coz, my sources are always credible.

A rich policeman walks into the bar to quench his thirst (after training hard for the Olympics), a couple of drinks down and he start seeing a couple of Beyonce's and Halle Berry in the room, he gets lucky (somehow), while driving the lady sobers up and urges the guy to stop-he declines (since he believes that no handwork goes unrewarded) and to teach the lady a lesson for pulling out of the plot, he stabs her.  

He claims he stabbed out of self defence coz the lady had plotted with some gang to rob the bigwig, she claims h wanted to rape.

Suppose it was a robbery attempt, why didn't he mentioned to the police that a woman (whom he could have left at the scene bleeding) had been stabbed during the ordeal?  Or what really were the robbers after if not the money (of which none was stolen)? 

Or suppose it was an attempted rape/forced sex, why did the judge let the guy walk free?  He may do it tonight and even tomorrow.  And why wasn't he charged of DUI?  And what's the use of charging KSh. 20,000 bail to a multi-millionaire?  Let's just say that we can't afford to risk an Olympic gold medal for a baseless accusation...but at the same time, we are telling men that so long as you got some good cash on you-you have the right to disrespect women.  Just like the ICC hearing, the  next hearing will be heard after he achieves his ambitions in September (after the Olympics-which I hope he will trip before crossing the finish line).  At this point, all I can do is pray for the Olympic management to ban him from this year's Games.

In case you are/were either Ezekiel Kemboi's or Samuel Wanjiru's fan, I hope that you would find consolation in learning that they are not the only scandalous athletes there ever have been:  Before them were O.J. Simpson, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson...

Take note that such incidents only occur among the rich, but never among the wealth---because richness is like a lottery but wealth is hard earned---

Friday, 4 May 2012

Thank you, Mum

All moms are the best.  You can even get win a fight while attempting to prove that your mom is better than another person's mom.  All mom's are the best!

The things mums go through to make their kids happy are out of this world.  I know of this girl who always had a passion for music and would do anything to get in the limelight.  Of course the Dad was not for it and to avoid quarrels, the Mum sided with him.  But, out of the blues, her Mum lied about taking the daughter out for medical check-ups when actually, she was taking her to meet a music producer!

This is why during this year's Olympics, we will not only be celebrating the glory of the athletes but also the power, success and dedication behind the glory (that of theirs mothers).  Procter & Gamble (P&G) have just launched the biggest campaign 'Thank you, Mom' that's dedicated towards celebrating the mothers of everyone. 

This is not the first of P&G moms-sponsored campaign.  Back in 2010, the company helped over 250 team USA moms with expenses of traveling to Vancouver to watch their children compete.  However, this year's campaign's message is that, "Moms carry us for nine months and then keep on carrying us.  Through countless sacrifices they are loving nurturers and selfless providers and motivators as well as chauffeurs and doers of laundry and dishes.  Our campaign celebrates the role of moms all over the world."  The campaign will run online i.e. on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube as well as on broadcast and print media. 

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be held in London.  The P&G group has created 8 short films/documentaries 'Raising an Olympian' that tells the stories of great athletes through the eyes of their mothers. 

Monday, 23 April 2012

Kenyan Athletes Suspended from International Marathons

So what if we dominate all International marathons?  Just the other day I over heard Munene Nyagah state that Kenyans should be banned from participating in athletics coz, they just keep on winning.  It never crossed my mind what others have to say about our running prowess, until just now as I was reading about the Boston Marathon on Yahoo Sports.  Take a look at what they have to say about we-Kenyans.

PS-Be ware of racist remarks.

  • "Everyone knows how that marathon's gonna end. One Norwegian, a bunch of Kenyans and 20,000 Losers" - Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Boy, them Kenyans are winning everything!
  • I don't know why white people even bother running? Their never gonna win these stupid things.
  • Those Kenyans run a far better race than their fellow countryman Obama...
  • Yeah, Kenyans have been very successful in the US lately...
  • Are they now qualified to be President too?
  • Kenya has a high elevation so the body gets used to breathing thin air. When they come down to sea level, their lungs don't beg for more air. So they move on like an energizer bunny. Hint: Train at high altitudes for a marathon.
  • If I had a son he would look just like Cherop. (Sharon Cherop)
  • Kenyans will win the marathon 9 out of 10 ten times. It's a foregone conclusion. They will run you down and blow you away.
  • Why do Kenyans or Ethiopians always win these marathons? It's just not fair :)
  • Man,woman - doesn't seem to matter. Nobody can catch the Kenyans. Awesome consistency at winning the Boston Marathon.
  • I predicted this very thing just this morning before the race started. And you know what? NEXT year it will be the same thing too.
  •  Surprise, surprise! Those Africanos are speed demons. Block them out of competition! Naw, guess we can't but we don't have to like it.! I suppose there are certain races that can be run where we would have a chance. Yea, there is but most have grown out of that arena!
  • These foreign runners are only here for the money. Make it where only US citizens can win prize money, then you will see a big decline in foreign runners.
  • It can't be healthy to be that skinny.
  • Obama must love his fellow countrymen winning.
  • Hey....Wesley Korir and Barrack Hussein Obama have the same status.....Kenyan citizens with permanent residency in the U.S.! Go figure.
  • Anyone shocked that a Kenyan won?
  •  The Kenyans train harder....simple tale.
  •  Change the name to the Kenyan Marathon.  No American has won it in years.
  •  Let's hear it for the Kenyans! Wasn't it they who ran the marathon barefoot in Italy when Mohamed Ali was boxing for the US?
  •  Great for the Kenyan's. Now, maybe they will take Obama back to his ancestral homeland.
  •  Korir's photo can be used in the poster for the next Somalian famine.
  •  What did they steal to run so far so fast?!
  •  Do they carry their spear when they run marathons?
  •  I'm sooooooooooo sick of these Kenyans winning im not watching anymore same old same old.
  • Obama's cousins are pretty fast runners. Our president just inherited a fast mouth, that's all.
  • Kenyans should be forced to run the marathon on one leg. And even that probably wouldnt slow them much.
  • Being from kenya, they crawl and run at a infant stages because they live in a huts where kenya is the home to a wide range of wild animals. Be it the "Big Five", carnivore !!... Cheetah, Leopard, Lion, Hyena, Wild Dog, poachers etc.  You run away from these threat at an early ages.
This simply defines why they love us so.

Friday, 23 March 2012

2012: The Year of the Underdog

In my opinion it all started with the church going rookie Quarter Back Tim Tebow. Prior to the beginning of the season in August, he was a Quarter back who had seen a lot of playing time but hadn’t pulled in the big game performances, enter the play-offs, it was rush after throw and suddenly the staunch Christian from Florida became the biggest name in American Football. His pre-game ritual of praying while on one knee became the single most practiced and criticized move in the NFL but he took it all in his stride, always thanking God for his match winning performances which won him followers and critiques alike. Tebow led the Denver Broncos to the play offs but was handed defeat by the New England Patriots who eventually went to the Super Bowl but lost out to the New York Giants.

Closer home the sports story of the year had to be Zambia’s dramatic clinching of the AFCON trophy against a much hyped, big name Ivory Coast. Coming from a country that still carried the ghosts of losing a whole team that was believed to be their best in an air crash 1993, with only one survivor Kalusha Bwalya who survived since he plied his trade in Europe so had to come in another plane. Their undoubted self belief, the ‘lead-by-example’ Captain, Christopher Katongo and charismatic coach Herve Renard ensured a roller coaster berth to the finals pitting them against a star studded Ivory Coast team with the likes of Didier Drogba, the Toure brothers among other European based players. Even with the fact that the coach opted to leave out players that didn’t play in Africa, they still opted to use local talent with majority of their players starting for Congolese side TP Mazembe. They secured a spot in the finals the hard way by facing and eliminating African football power houses, Tunisia and Ghana as well as a host of smaller teams along the way. Their suave, slick style of football and blistering pace on the ball bamboozled the more physical teams in the tournament. They eventually won the tournament on penalties fulfilling the hopes of a country that had waited for it for over a decade.

Back to the West again and for a fortnight now the new craze has been Lin-sanity, not a disease but a fad, passing it maybe but it definitely has basketball fans, more so in New York, in a frenzy. Asian-American basketball sensation, Jeremy Lin has been a long sought after savior for the New Yorks Knicks scoring twenty plus points for six games running. The 6 ft 3’ had a torrid time at the start of his career, after not being drafted after High School, the 2010 Harvard graduate was assigned to the NBA Development League (D league) three times. He was dropped by two teams, Golden State and the Houston Rockets, before being picked by the Knicks at the beginning of the 2011-2012 season. He was also sent to the D league while at the Knicks before getting promoted and leading them to an unexpected winning streak which eventually led to the global craze ‘Lin-sanity’. As a side note, Jeremy Lin is the first American NBA player of Asian descent.

I could go on about ‘small’ people or teams that have come out of the basement to be the best in their fields and generate serious media and public interest but I think you already get the picture. This might just be the year when we see massive upsets in most fields considered open and shut plus this is the Chinese year of the dragon which represents an emperor and power. Today, it is the ultimate auspicious symbol signifying success and happiness. May the celestial Dragon bring great good luck to everyone, more so to the underdogs.

Monday, 23 May 2011

My Take on Samuel Wanjiru's Death

Too much saga, scandals… If you want, you may call it homicide, suicide, murder or even a man-slaughter.  But I got to admit that Samuel Wanjiru’s wife was one strong woman; and its too bad that the deceased mother is coming up with allegations that maybe, just maybe, the wife is responsible.  Truth is, were I the one in Triza's shoes, I would never have entertained such crap under my roof for such a long time…

Can someone explain to me why the elderly woman is pointing fingers at her in-law?  As a matter of fact, she is the woman who has mothered her grandchildren (but soon she going to have plenty), and when he was marrying her; why didn’t she say something?   Didn't she ever meet with Triza's family and negotiate the dowry?  If I were to be asked, I would blame it all on his mother…

I used to think that men brought up by single mothers (not sure) make the best husbands.  So now I wonder, who mentored Mr.Wanjiru and taught him that it is okay to mess around with all sorts of women; and to make matters worse, bring them to his wife’s bedroom?  Whose fault is it that the young man had the audacity to run in the market place stepping over Wanjiku’s tomatoes?  It won’t be a wonder seeing his children sell the same tomatoes that he used to step on.  And finally, instead of contributing positively and distributing part of his wealth to charities, he opted to distribute kids.

This goes out to all men out there; that being a world champion doesn’t mean that you will be a world champion in the eyes of your wife.   A woman gets married to a man and not an athlete or an Olympic record breaker.  No hard feelings but truth need to be told.  Kama wahenga walivyohitajika kusema, asiyefunzwa na mamaye, hufuzwa na mkeo.

Learn how to run as good as Samuel Wanjiru with these shoes:
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